World Bowler Ranking Last Month

Below are the top bowlers in our world rankings.

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 Rank Bowler NameTotal
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358785Facebook1George Carlson940
275568Facebook2Ray Reid Jr910
685605Facebook3Jeffrey Knopik910
549286Facebook4Jim Wurtz870
757288Facebook5Dale Lorz840
749711Facebook6Malik Wade770
586976Facebook7Donald Dupree760
189009Facebook8Brian Hoffman760
537731Facebook9Daniel Hodges750
651133Facebook10Keven Keene750
670586Facebook11Annie Pharm740
710827Facebook12Herbie Rod690
158301Facebook13Clifton Nelson680
511527Facebook14Alex Fisher680
718973Facebook15Kim Mazzoni660
546184Facebook16Kenny Lei660
734176Facebook17Daniel Osullivan660
266080Facebook18Tom Swales650
754622Facebook19Bob Breeze650
631678Facebook20Alex King640
563564Facebook21Shane Kunz640
399707Facebook22Gary Strickler640
735565Facebook23Scott Poff640
735867Facebook24Kevin Cowden640
491021Facebook25Paul Ochs630
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