Mobile App

The Mobile App is available for FREE in the Google Play Store. For Apple users, please use your preferred browser.

Our Mobile App has following benefits:

  • Provides a more user-friendly interface to get to the data you need
  • Quickly find out your current Average, what Lane you are bowling on, and what you need to bowl to increase your Average
  • Receive Alerts on when your data has been updated as well as what lane you will be bowling on.
  • Subscribing and unsubscribing to leagues is much easier

Starting with version 3.0.58 of our App, if you, your league, or your bowling center has purchased an upgraded account, then you will have the full benefits of our app starting at the League Dashboard.

Without an upgraded account, the App is an extension of the website. Therefore, if you come to a page that is the website, you may be required to login to the website as well. You should only have to do this one time as it should keep your login afterwards.

One of the biggest complaints we get about the service we provide is the advertisements that are displayed. Our entire service that we provide to you and the bowling industry is supported by two things; Advertisements and Account Upgrades. Simply put, we cannot provide this service for free. If you do not like the Advertisements but like the service that we provide, consider upgrading your account. This will shut off all Advertisements and provide you with a much better user experience on both the App and website.

After downloading the App (download links below), use your existing Username and Password to login to the App (click here if you forgot your account info).

Make sure you "Allow Notifications" when installing the app to your Mobile Device so that we may send you alerts on when your data has been updated as well as Lane Assignment alerts.

Below are some screen shots of the Mobile App:

My Leagues

League Dashboard

Download the app using the below link, or simply search "" in the Google Play Store.