About LeagueSecretary.com

A partnership formed in 2001, LeaugeSecretary.com is a joint venture between CDE Software of Seattle, Wa. and NABSO, LLC of Surprise, Az.

LeagueSecretary.com is the only service in the bowling industry that provides Bowling League information such as Standings, Team Rosters, Recap Sheets and game-by-game Bowler Data. Utilizing CDE Software's BLS Program, League Secretaries have the ability to upload all of their league data absolutely free.

What we do and why it is unique:

We provide game-by-game analysis information for every week that your League Secretary uploads data. Many Leagues on our site have data dating back to 2001 when our website was first launched. With this data, bowlers can view their progression, not just week after week, but also season after season. Information such as:

  •   Average by Game and Week
  •   Average by Month and Season
  •   Average by Pair of Lanes

In addition to the above, we also provide the weekly standings and can even reproduce the recap sheet for each team.