Turn Advertisements Off

Our website is supported by the advertisements that we display as well as upgraded accounts. If you like the service we provide, but do not like all of the advertisements being displayed, you can Upgrade your account to turn off all advertisments.

For your protection, we do NOT store credit card information in our database. Therefore, we do not offer auto-renewal of this upgrade. However, we will send you a reminder when it is about to expire in case you want to renew your upgrade.

NOTE: If you are the person who uploads league data to LeagueSecretary.com, you do not need to purchase a Bowler Upgrade as we will provide it to you for free. Every time you upload your data, we will automatically ensure that your user account is upgraded for the next 30 days.

  • Center Upgrade

    For the entire Center.


    Upgrade Now
    • Purchaser of this upgrade will receive a FREE Bowler Upgrade of equal time length.
    • Priority Listing Placement: Your bowling center listing will be prominently displayed on the top of the State, Province or Country page that your bowling center resides in.
    • No Advertising will be displayed for anyone who is viewing your Center or League(s) pages.
    • Bowlers do NOT need to be physically logged on to receive this benefit.
    • Your Center upgrade will apply to TournamentResults.com as well, for those Centers that upload their Tournament data using CDE Software's BTM Program.
    • Does NOT include the removal of Ads from our Mobile App
  • Bowler Upgrade

    For the individual bowler.


    Upgrade Now
    • No Advertising will be displayed on any page of our website.
    • You must be logged in with your Username and Password for this to be in effect.
    • Does NOT include the removal of Ads from our Mobile App