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NOTE: Center Membership is OPTIONAL. There is no charge for the league secretary or bowling center management to upload league data, nor is there a charge for the bowlers to view any of their data, with the exception of our proprietary charts.

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  • Purchaser of the Membership will receive a FREE Bowler Membership of equal length
  • Priority Listing Placement: Your bowling center listing will be prominently displayed on the top of the State, Province or Country page that your bowling center resides in.
  • Access to our proprietary Graphs: All Bowlers within your bowling center will have access to our interactive Center, League, Team and Bowler Graphs, for all of the leagues within the bowling center (login required) on both the Website and Mobile App.
  • Mobile Lane Assignment Alert: All bowlers who use our Mobile App can receive an alert stating what lane they are bowling on the day they bowl, specific to any League within the bowling center that the Membership was purchased for (Mobile App download and installation required).
  • Email Lane Assignment Alert: Receive an email the day you bowl that will provide you with a direct link showing you what lane you will be bowling on, along with what you need to bowl to increase your average by one pin and earn a Virtual Award.
  • Applies to all leagues within your bowling center: All bowlers within your bowling center will receive all the benefits of a Center Membership.
  • OPTIONAL Ad Free Browsing: For an additional fee, allow your bowlers to browse your league information via the website and our Mobile App without any advertisments.

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NEW: Your bowlers can now browse with NO Advertisments by purchasing the below option:
12 Months
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12 Months 12 Month Center Membership $ USD

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