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LeagueID: 113325
Bowls On: Fridays
Start Date: 09/08/2023
Start Time: 6:45 PM
Last Updated: 5/1/2024

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Men's Game - 2023 fall Week 32
ScoreBowler NameTeam Name
253Gammie, AlexSCORGASMS
245Gammie, AlexSCORGASMS
227Brunet, JimF N F S
225Cornett, DougF N F S
216Murchie, TylerSCORGASMS
213Monette, BradHIGH ROLLERS
207Rayner, BrentMISFITS
206MacGregor, ShayneF N F S
203Murchie, TylerSCORGASMS
197Cornett, DougF N F S
194Holman, RylanSHOT GUNS
193MacGregor, ShayneF N F S
192MacGregor, ShayneF N F S
191Richardson, LyleSHOT GUNS
189Murchie, TylerSCORGASMS
184Wratten, BradySCORGASMS
181Cornett, DougF N F S
179Monette, BradHIGH ROLLERS
178Downer, JoshSHOT GUNS
176Guillon, PeterMISFITS
175Holman, RylanSHOT GUNS
171Harvey, GeoffTRASH PANDAS
169Guillon, PeterMISFITS
169Holman, RylanSHOT GUNS
169Gammie, AlexSCORGASMS
169Harvey, GeoffTRASH PANDAS
168Rayner, BrentMISFITS
165Rayner, BrentMISFITS
165Winsor, MaxTRASH PANDAS
165Ross, TaydenSCORGASMS
163Downer, JoshSHOT GUNS
160Richardson, LyleSHOT GUNS
159Downer, ChanceSHOT GUNS
159Wratten, BradySCORGASMS
158Brunet, JimF N F S
158Brunet, JimF N F S
157Downer, JoshSHOT GUNS
157Harvey, GeoffTRASH PANDAS
153Monette, BradHIGH ROLLERS
152Mancell, SteveTRASH PANDAS
150Ross, TaydenSCORGASMS
149Lamontagne, DustinMISFITS
146Winsor, MaxTRASH PANDAS
146Richardson, LyleSHOT GUNS
146Cahoon, MarkHIGH ROLLERS
141Downer, ChanceSHOT GUNS
140Wratten, BradySCORGASMS
136Mancell, SteveTRASH PANDAS
136Downer, ChanceSHOT GUNS
135Cahoon, MarkHIGH ROLLERS
135Ross, TaydenSCORGASMS
129Woods, ColbySCORGASMS
127Lamontagne, DustinMISFITS
127Lamontagne, DustinMISFITS
127Stultz, BrodieBALLS DEEP
124Woods, ColbySCORGASMS
123Cahoon, MarkHIGH ROLLERS
120Dodds, StephenC SHINE IND. INC.
119Mancell, SteveTRASH PANDAS
118Guillon, PeterMISFITS
117Stultz, BrodieBALLS DEEP
114Dodds, StephenC SHINE IND. INC.
112Foolkes, JoshBALLS DEEP
110Dodds, StephenC SHINE IND. INC.
110Winsor, MaxTRASH PANDAS
99Stultz, BrodieBALLS DEEP
97Foolkes, JoshBALLS DEEP
95Foolkes, JoshBALLS DEEP
92Hopkins, AndrewBALLS DEEP
92Woods, ColbySCORGASMS
83Hopkins, AndrewBALLS DEEP
75Hopkins, AndrewBALLS DEEP