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LeagueID: 120248
Jo Limekiller Memorial League
Bowls On: Thursdays
Start Date: 05/23/2024
Start Time: 7:20 PM
Last Updated: 6/11/2024

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Men's Game - 2023 summer Week 15
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ScoreBowler NameTeam Name
 Page 1 of 2, items 1 to 100 of 186.
290Kowaleski, DylanPaLaCafeteria
265Celzo, VinnyFROM THE BACK
264Matos, MarcPelvic Thrust
258Catapano, Sal7
256Schlegel, ChrisBuzzed to Infini
249Kowaleski, DylanPaLaCafeteria
247Catapano, Andre7
244Catapano, Sal7
244Schlegel, ChrisBuzzed to Infini
244Speziale, SteveFROM THE BACK
236Meder, CarlosThe Incredibles
233Kowaleski, DylanPaLaCafeteria
231Fosina, BobCrackerjacks
231LaBella, TomTDMC
225Martinez, MichaelPaLaCafeteria
225Sims, Oree3 Chicks & A Tre
225Pagan, CesarShut Up And Drin
224Matos, MarcPelvic Thrust
222Gonzalez, ReinaldoJazz
217Hudson, KeithG3B
216Shine, RobbyPelvic Thrust
216Goodman, LeronnWe Need Money
214Coker, BryanDiamond in the R
214Catapano, Andre7
213Hudson, KeithG3B
213Morales, FranciscoWe Need Money
213Pagan, CesarShut Up And Drin
208Grant, RonBronxdale Ballers
206Rauber, TristanWe Need Money
205Goodman, LeronnWe Need Money
205Sims, Oree3 Chicks & A Tre
205Grassi, GregKymmie & The Dingleberries
205Shine, RobbyPelvic Thrust
204Pedersen, ArtieBorrachos
203Rauber, TristanWe Need Money
202McIver, Dason18
202Melendez, SergioDiamond in the R
202Hudson, KeithG3B
202Martinez, MichaelPaLaCafeteria
201Fosina, BobCrackerjacks
201Lippolis, ChuckRack Attack
199Mabin, MarkShut Up And Drin
199Lohse, NelsonKymmie & The Dingleberries
199Shine, RobbyPelvic Thrust
199D'Armiento, MatthewFROM THE BACK
198Melendez, SergioDiamond in the R
198Dwyer, JosephDwyer Fire
198Lippolis, BillRack Attack
198Mijailidis, MiguelBorrachos
197Gonzalez, ReinaldoJazz
195Santiago, Luis18
194Sims, Oree3 Chicks & A Tre
193LaBella, TomTDMC
192Catapano, Sal7
192Perez, JoeDream Team
192Lippolis, ChuckRack Attack
192Rauber, TristanWe Need Money
191Ghiggeri, JohnBorrachos
190Horney, E JRolling with the Horney's
188D'Armiento, MatthewFROM THE BACK
186Matos, MarcPelvic Thrust
186Santiago, Luis18
185Casareale, AnthonyBiffers
185Lopez, JohnathanPaLaCafeteria
185Martinez, MichaelPaLaCafeteria
184Fortugno, NickBuzzed to Infini
183Speziale, SteveFROM THE BACK
183Rosenbaum, MorrisJust For Fun
182Celzo, VinnyFROM THE BACK
181FIGUROA, ANDREASBuzzed to Infini
181Perez, JoeDream Team
180Lippolis, BillRack Attack
180Casareale, AnthonyBiffers
180Celzo, VinnyFROM THE BACK
179Hurban, JoshThe Incredibles
179Lippolis, BillRack Attack
179Bowles, DougieThe Taco Patrol
178Goodman, LeronnWe Need Money
178McIver, Dason18
178Perez, JoeDream Team
178Lopez, JohnathanPaLaCafeteria
178Fortugno, NickBuzzed to Infini
177Lopez, JohnathanPaLaCafeteria
177FIGUROA, ANDREASBuzzed to Infini
177Pedersen, ArtieBorrachos
176Bell, ClydeBronxdale Ballers
176Casareale, AnthonyBiffers
176Bowles, DougieThe Taco Patrol
175Hurban, JoshThe Incredibles
174Dwyer, BrianDwyer Fire
173Sanchoo, AlvinKymmie & The Dingleberries
173Bowles, DougieThe Taco Patrol
172James, EarlShut Up And Drin
172Rosenbaum, MorrisJust For Fun
171Sanchoo, AlvinKymmie & The Dingleberries
171Rosenbaum, MorrisJust For Fun
170Schwartz, JeffDream Team