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CenterID: 640
Dunedin Lanes
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DunedinFL 34698

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Zagrodnik, DickCrystal Bay 202413
Bilbrey, StevenSunday Night Mixers Winter 2412
Lewis, JacksonDunedin Spring Teens 232412
Veen, DaveCrystal Bay 202411
Burroughs, DaveCrystal Bay 202410
Coates, LisaCrystal Bay 202410
Ivers, JoanGolden Nuggets Winter 202410
McNeil, DennisGolden Nuggets Winter 202410
Morrison, IsabellaDunedin Spring Teens 232410
Schoenbachler, MorganDunedin Spring Teens 232410
Keuneke, CindyCrystal Bay 20249
Johnson, MariaDunedin Spring Teens 23249
Grilley, JoyceCrystal Bay 20249
Aardsma, EllenSunday Night Mixers Winter 249
Brennan, PeggyGolden Nuggets Winter 20249
Malinowski, DaveCrystal Bay 20249
Mullen, ElaineCrystal Bay 20249
Pedlow, BruceSunday Night Mixers Winter 249
Restorick, QuinnDunedin Spring Teens 23249
Bergman, JohnCrystal Bay 20248
Baker, BeverlyCrystal Bay 20248
Helms, AnnetteCrystal Bay 20248
Frantz, TomGolden Nuggets Winter 20248
Livingston, JoyceGolden Nuggets Winter 20248
Modny, PeterGolden Nuggets Winter 20248
Park, EthanDunedin Spring Teens 23248
Schaeffer, PeggyCrystal Bay 20248
Smith, TerryCrystal Bay 20248
Toms, JanCrystal Bay 20248
Troyer, SusanSunday Night Mixers Winter 248
Jurco, EricSunday Night Mixers Winter 247
Lazinski, MattSunday Night Mixers Winter 247
Farsace, SabrynaSunday Night Mixers Winter 247
Franklin, RylanDunedin Spring Juniors 23247
Badders, TomCrystal Bay 20247
Corona, BrisaDunedin Spring Teens 23247
Collins, GaryGolden Nuggets Winter 20247
Campana, ArcherDunedin Spring Juniors 23247
Martinez, BrendaSunday Night Mixers Winter 247
Myers, BobCrystal Bay 20247
Smith, KelleySunday Night Mixers Winter 247
Sommers, JulianSunday Night Mixers Winter 247
Suarez, EmilSunday Night Mixers Winter 247
Willis, KennethSunday Night Mixers Winter 247
Caldwell, BishopDunedin Spring Teens 23246
Cameron, LoriSunday Night Mixers Winter 246
Cameron, CodySunday Night Mixers Winter 246
Cannon, EthanDunedin Spring Teens 23246
Alexander, DonSunday Night Mixers Winter 246
Fleming, SuzanneGolden Nuggets Winter 20246
Flatley, LaurieSunday Night Mixers Winter 246
Kennedy, DanGolden Nuggets Winter 20246
Jurco, JimSunday Night Mixers Winter 246
Ivers, BobGolden Nuggets Winter 20246
Hunnicutt, AustinSunday Night Mixers Winter 246
Hill, CharlotteDunedin Spring Teens 23246
Lovely, CherylCrystal Bay 20246
Martinez, CurtisSunday Night Mixers Winter 246
Molinari, TriciaGolden Nuggets Winter 20246
Morrison, AlexanderDunedin Spring Teens 23246
Musial, CorySunday Night Mixers Winter 246
Oswalt, JaneCrystal Bay 20246
Rego, JackCrystal Bay 20246
Snelson, WestDunedin Spring Juniors 23246
Swann, LindaGolden Nuggets Winter 20246
Tierney, JeanSunday Night Mixers Winter 246
Toy, PaulinhoDunedin Spring Teens 23246
Weddell, MaryCrystal Bay 20246
York, RichardCrystal Bay 20246
Hickman, ChristopherSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Hildabrand, WendySunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Keuneke, KentCrystal Bay 20245
Fraser, MikeSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Hawthorne, DebbeSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Hermes, KenSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Floss, JenniferSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Espino, AryonaDunedin Spring Teens 23245
Dunno, DickCrystal Bay 20245
Dudenhoefer, MichelleSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Craig, CharleeSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Aardsma, RickSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Aquino, RaySunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Bilbrey, TammySunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Bergman, JuneCrystal Bay 20245
Coates, JimCrystal Bay 20245
Clark, CindyCrystal Bay 20245
Leitz, MichaelSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
List, JimmyGolden Nuggets Winter 20245
Maimone, DianeSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Maounis, JeanGolden Nuggets Winter 20245
Mathews, DebbieGolden Nuggets Winter 20245
Modny, WendyGolden Nuggets Winter 20245
Moreno, VincenzoDunedin Spring Teens 23245
Niehaus, IsabelleDunedin Spring Teens 23245
Oswalt, DaveCrystal Bay 20245
Rutledge, RichardSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
St.Pete, FrankGolden Nuggets Winter 20245
Terry, JackGolden Nuggets Winter 20245
Vescovi, AlexSunday Night Mixers Winter 245
Westjohn, SteveCrystal Bay 20245