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World Bowl
9 East Wilmot Steet
Richmond HillON L4B 1A3

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Team 1: Full Look
1TAM, NANCYW56121798149168477
2LO, ALBERT KM39244120171234627
3KWOK, KRISTINW4191516168197561
4TAM, TOMMYM37213629173203554
5CHEN, JOSEPHM25244525188246609
Team 2: Give Me 5
1CHAN, FRANDIC WM32244332180224575
2LAM, KUN MENGM30213834182209573
3CHOW, DANIEL YM24152836189225624
4CHAN, WILLIEM26152813187203599
5LO, NICHOLASM19152946196245633
Team 3: Lo Biu
1LEUNG, JONATHAN YM353556176204556
2NG, FRANK HMM30305477182247655
3YEUNG, JESSW31274897181237625
4SZETO, STEPHENM24305681189230654
Team 4: Soar On Wings
1CHAN, DAVIDM55304559151210494
2CHIU, CINDY MLW44121971164213518
3WONG, ALANM41274560168226584
4LAM, STEPHEN HSM34213721177213566
Team 5: Dictator
1LEUNG, WILSON WM29213841183236616
2WONG, MATTHEWM24183332189226599
3LAM, TONY CKM22214050192237624
4CHAN, JULIUSM19305895196246649
Team 6: Bnb
1NG, RANEYW45274418163213525
2CHOW, MAXM38152541172193531
3CHEUNG, WALLYM38274644172223570
4KWAN, HARRYM27213899186239650
Team 7: Carboy Free
1HO, SIMONM4391474166211531
2MA, CHRISDINW37183124173214561
3CHAN, KEVIN WLM29305505183224606
4LEE, DONALD TM15244834201252721
Team 8: Carboyone
1TANG, MELLIEW76151869124169420
2TANG, ANNYW4491483164191527
3CHOW, CORTYW40213559169206550
4IP, BENNYM40183070170223542
5YEUNG, DENISM32274835179223572
Team 9: Carboy
1LIU, CORINNAW60182594144185493
2NG, JIMMYM37244153173212567
3CHAN, CONROYM2991615183213622
4YEUNG, DARIUSM16305842200259647
Team 10: Carboy 2
1MA, WILBERTM60182246124179431
2TANG, SHIU HUNGM48152390159188560
3LI, MICHAELM42274513167212535
4LI, CRUISEM32183252180253580
Team 11: Jsc
1OHASHI, SCOTTM50213308157201566
2OHASHI, JASON TM47243870161201506
3LI, STEPHENM44213454164194554
4NG, JICKLE JM45243929163187542
Team 12: Turkey Hunters
1ARMAS, ROMARM60273412126158426
2AU YOUNG, DINOM60243335138171457
3LEUNG, COLEMANM5291391154191502
4CHAN, ANGELAW45243934163236537
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