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Updated 08/22/2019

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Roger P
1Hazelton, LaurieW0303236107146376
2Madison, MarciaW0394551116158384
3Brogan, DeeneW0364395122164433
4Porter, RogerM0427366175244615
Team 2: Bill D
1Maiatico, BetteW0364146115139386
2Fenner, JohnM0394405112158387
3Hazelton, RogerM0304109136203466
4Doncsecz, WilliamM0426914164231587
5Donchez, FrankM081518120206583
Team 3: Paul A
1Mahon, HilaryW0414719115160414
2Green, PaulM0242878119158434
3Karlan, MikeM0425462130186488
4Arnold, PaulM0396459165220567
Team 4: Phil H
1Manela, DavidM0363962110145383
2Westing, RobertM0425445129173440
3Strawn, KennethM0365045140186482
4Hoffman, PhilM0426771161215583
5Johnson, NancyW091300144167475
Team 5: Mike M
1McGuinness, JohnM0293608124159426
2Arum, MartyM0243127130209477
3Madison, JohnM0395699146209562
4Maiatico, MichaelM0365391149227581
5Moralis, ThomasM0325474171236592
Team 6: Jimmy S
1SantaMaria, MindyW033323798132331
2Parker, RosemaryW0394889125175426
3Evans, CarlM0334668141166462
4SantaMaria, JamesM0182703150207516
Team 7: John C
1Green, YvonneW0242644110146374
2Wyckoff, EllenW0334209127166445
3D'Ascensio, FrankM0395715146191483
4Ciccone, JohnM0364869135175451
Team 8: Bill F
1Falsone, CharleenW0334159126170451
2Rossnagle, LornaW0394781122157416
3Porter, BeverlyW0242703112136385
4Falsone, WilliamM0365382149212508
5Hetrick, RobertM0285583199267674
Team 9: Terry W
1LePage, AnitaW0364664129195453
2Peters, MaryW0394467114153381
3Wallace, SharonW0384971130162446
4Westing, TerryW0395508141171489
Team 10: Pat D
1Doncsecz, PatriciaW0415815141176471
2Hein, Lou AnnW0394358111175399
3Pannepacker, VinceM0364868135183489
4Wagner, StanleyM0425496130183486
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