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Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 08/27/2019
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 1/14/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Leisure Time Winery
2Delventhal, VickyW30396503166226551
2, VACANTW720012000
2, VacantW720012000
2, VacantW720012000
3Leitner, DawnW57425721136180466
4Wittenmyer, DeeW54425907140197547
5Busch, JulieW41182782154197507
6Buehrer, PennyW43365481152203536
7Dachenhaus, ConnieW30244005166198587
8Banta, ShellyW000000
Team 2: Jack Collins
1Schwaiger, JoW45456738149183516
2Hoffman, MelodyW63425493130173433
3Smith, ElaineW52425971142176465
4McGhee, DonnaW54334593139186466
5Muntz, MyraW64425391128179439
6Muntz, DianeW000000
7Reed, RosieW000000
Team 3: Stafford Building Products
1Hockman, DarleneW67455630125171411
2Topel, KarenW44456810151205490
3Baker, KimW64395010128182446
4Baker, PaulaW74364231117175403
5Kirk, PatW38426597157212517
Team 4: Freddy's Place
1Homier, JoW70425128122184453
2Cobler, JudyW21427432176245600
3Martz, MandaW8122294191267661
4Bostelman, MarolynW46365362148216525
5Hiser, CarolynW44426343151198510
6George, DianaW520014200
Team 5: Soul Road Trucking
1Bowser, JoyW70394788122155433
2Triggs, DawnW78394407113144408
3Hite, DenaW45426299149188490
4Magrum, JoyceW67425260125164425
5Baldwin, MaryW55456244138193490
6Westfall, MistyW726717119156392
7Buckenmeyer, TonyaW000000
Team 6: Eagles
1Sharp, CherylW86424381104139368
2Ward, JeanneW87242495103143338
3LaForrest, DebW10512100183126299
4Mansfield, BeckyW76364171115161380
5Harlin, TinaW59456047134179471
Team 7: Moose Lodge
1Gustwiller, GwenW83394206107175388
2Bilow, AngieW43213205152209573
3Beck, BethW55456229138170449
4Franz, SheilaW58456103135182456
5Junge, TanaW49456535145218561
6Mack, BrendaW80212351111132390
7Franz, TayaW000000
Team 8: Walters Rv
1Walters, ChrisW67273396125159404
2Hutchison, DorisW57456129136180496
3Hill, SandyW72364314119185400
4Kruse, SherrieW72425069120164444
5Garza, VickiW42233530153187492
6Ashenfelter, RoseW46182679148200476
Team 9: Spenglers
1Grime, AnnW68273369124176469
2Bertz, CathyW56273705137203468
3Lautar, LisaW63364658129163451
4Borstelman, ElaineW53365108141188460
5Buenger, JanniW59334449134176449
6Prigge, BeckyW67182260125172424
7Fraker, JayneW63243140130178473
Team 10: Appetiteforconstruction
1Jones, AllieW66354414126171443
2Miller, AndreaW63455837129179472
3Miller, LexiW10826208880116280
4Shoup, SusanW63384950130164442
5Coats, MabelW49334799145198474