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Below are your League Standings for your bowling league for the week selected.

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Fall 2017 Week 25 03/03/2018

Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
118Guardians Of The Gutter1225370 %12245595595451516
22Voodoo Rangers121.553.569 %315.5465348985751569
310Beards R Us117.557.567 %359475365506121727
47Skulls1146165 %282560413186691828
51Smell This1096662 %393.5549412456561812
616This Is Our Spot1096662 %229.5445296265641541
717Storm Nation1086762 %108518108865801689
811Cheesecake Split997657 %296495382916671769
98Gutter Huggers95.579.555 %345516383966331789
1013Dilly Dilly93.581.553 %319.5455339025581639
114Sha - Bizzal85.589.549 %321.5514385256481781
125Spare Parts80.594.546 %288.5469350395741554
1314Believe The Hype809546 %361.5651486137602198
1412Berrys Funeral Home6710838 %364550411906881850
156Pin Crushers6710838 %274.5476356235931672
1619M - Team675854 %6744768305141407
1715Ice Tea65.5109.537 %316607451166951964
1821We Got The Splits462961 %4651146005901591
199Pin Slayers4413125 %292453367386261645
2033' S Company4313225 %217.5450328265391484
2120Team 2023.586.521 %23.534740673781076
2222Team 220300 %00000
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