League Summary KINGS & QUEENS 2018

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Below is a list of all the bowlers who bowled in your bowling league for the selected week along with their scores.


Fall 2017 Week 27 03/07/2018
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FacebookAcevedo, Nate111981924824619969375033
FacebookBahling, Marlis1114765129148139416611-9
FacebookBaier, Ron1914072148134130412628-3
FacebookBennett, Pete9173421461961885306563
FacebookBoscarino, Jennifer814666137139114390588-16
FacebookBoscarino, Richard8185311992011825826759
FacebookBrady, Dolly1212090161891263766465
FacebookBrady, Tom121397212318915046267815
FacebookBraunberger, Lynn813873128128128000
FacebookBrockert, Matt820711214192153559592-21
FacebookBuckridge, Eric61942322421421465272123
FacebookByrd, Marie16157561571711534816493
FacebookByrd, Michael161853122519117158768010
FacebookCastaneda Jr., Mike11783720617023761372426
FacebookCastaneda Sr., Mike11645021114918354369317
FacebookChernick, Nicolle1414765138124146408603-11
FacebookCornio, Mike151605416719215351267410
FacebookCornwell, Molly41129714012413339768820
FacebookCorral, Diane3162521471771694936492
FacebookDale, Jayson10158551361931464756400
FacebookDale, Jen101327911794133344581-18
FacebookDeforest, Chuck1321632582101856536621
FacebookEdwards, Linda161466618018120356476242
FacebookEilrich, Kathy151555818616716451769117
FacebookEilrich, Mark1518828171157173501585-21
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