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7171 Cherry Vail North Blvd
RockfordIL 61112

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Bowls On: Thursdays
Start Date: 09/05/2019
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 1/17/2020

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Strikers Arcade
1Hall, TonyM0214368208269688
2WILLIAMS, AARONM0305791193246666
3SEVERSON, JERRYM0275489203265703
4Windsor, DarbyM091930214248677
5Beuthin, BrettM0336637201278654
Team 2: Team Crap
1SCHIAVO, CURTM0368007222268736
2HOYLE, AJM0367660212269685
4Brien Jr, JimM0337358222263716
5GWALTNEY, RONM0368030223297811
Team 3: Bowlers Mart
1SHOCKLEY, RICHARDM0276011222268723
2JENSEN, KIMW0122590215259686
3Jensen, AndrewM0398482217289703
4Carter, ChrisM0275659209254665
5REYNOLDS, RICKM0398822226298771
6McGriff, KeithM061255209258656
Team 4: Lakeside Pro Sho
1Malone, WayneM0336202187256629
2DOLLINGER, NEALM0397725198280689
3POOLE, TROYM0398091207296702
4Potocki, MattM0337234219300742
Team 5: Cleta's Snack Wa
1BUSS, AARONM0367579210258684
2HEIMERT, DANM0337049213258726
3GIBSON, SEANM0336836207270677
4KLINGBEIL, KYLEM0398957229269772
Team 6: Stink Bait
1Huntley, MikeM0398325213300733
2McCoy, BrettM0275190192256679
3Nelson, BrettM0397833200279699
4HERBST, DAVEM0368100225279723
6Milsap, JeffM061376229258708
Team 7: The Cherry Bowl
1MASON, HEATHM0305575185265604
2Eterno, AnthonyM0398176209289717
3Winter, DanM0367516208257709
4Purkeypile, AustinM0367902219300758
Team 8: Blackawk Athleti
1BOWMAN, BRIANM0224629210268704
2HARNE, ROYM0306517217265710
3HARPER, SHAWNM0306228207246655
4STONE, DAVEM0337207218300719
5ADOLPHSON, ROBM0122451204244672
Team 9: Average Joes
1JOHANNSEN, CRAIGM0398661222278741
2LAPE, RANDYM0214324205277696
3Hall, JamesM0184050225290756
4Johnicker, KyleM0337479226268732
5ULLRICH, JOEM0399041231300785
Team 10: 2 Many 2 Choose From
1FULGIAM, KENM0367297202259688
2RAMOS, SYNTHIAW0305752191268671
3GIVENS, TRUSTINM0398384214268714
4Givens, CraigM0367736214279685
Team 11: Travelers
1King, VanceM0398432216274756
2BICKHAM, KIRKM0367385205255719
3PIERCE, ANDREWM0367850218279727
4WOODFORK, JEROMEM0398357214277714
Team 12: Rsci
1Bores, MikeM0367665212285700
2CIEMBRONOWICZ, JIMM0396888176234615
3Sprecher, BrettM061386231278733
5RUSSELL, ROBM0398945229300802
Team 13: Dr. J's
1SYRACUSE, DRJM0367336203257722
2Rabideau, JohnM0244781199244663
3Kashmier, TimM0398318213280722
4HOGLUND, MIKEM0306343211277722
5Nippa, RobM0244926205257678
Team 14: Messin With Sasq
1HALL, GEORGEM0398107207290721
2EKWALL, DAVEM0398149208247708
3DENEKAS, JAKEM0397785199257690
4CREE, MIKEM0398569219279738
Team 15: Brian
1Stykes, TommyM0367172199259712
2BARBUTO, BRIANM0336843207247648
3, DerrickM0305776192258673
4Dowda, LeeM0337322221279770
Team 16: Shooters East
2Arnold, TreyM0306509216279773
3Wiley, ChrisM0398211210258707
5Hastings, JordanM0306453215268779