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League Standings Monday Madness



monday-madness: Year: 2018 Season: fall Week: 36
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
13The Replacements893771 %148.5747787179022463
211Pocket Penetrators804663 %159616644007312090
310Gutter Disappointment755160 %142661701558102159
49Stella.. I Love My Life715556 %131651684258042110
52We Used To Be Good705656 %129682713967952340
65Where's Robyn636350 %106654693458202161
712Soul Bowlers626449 %113671679068002232
81Camel Toeing567044 %128.5702731518492376
98Spare Us547243 %121709733228402271
104A Team Has No Name547243 %93520538986181683
116Not At The Bottom487838 %116714741009012436
127Too Much Action309624 %79525550566331746