Bowler Achievements

Welcome to the Bowler Achievements program. We designed this program to highlight bowlers of all average levels for their achievements. All achievements are based on average and you must have a minimum of 9 games to qualify for any Achievement.

We keep track of all achievements for every bowler that is in our database, whether that bowler is registered on or not. Therefore, if you are new here, once you register and link up your bowler account, we will have all your achievements waiting for you since the beginning of the bowling season. Please note that this is dependent on your league administrator uploading each week of the current season for your league.

How do I link my account?

There are two ways to link your account. Both require you to have an account on and be logged in with your Username and Password:

  1. Visit your League Dashboard and click on the “Get Email Updates" link on the League Header then just follow the prompts.
  2. Once logged in, click on your Username or Email address on the upper right, then click on "My Leagues". All of the leagues you are subscribed to will be listed on this page.
    1. If you are missing a league, see our Help Page under "How do I subscribe to a League"
    2. The list of leagues will include a “Bowler Name” column. This should be YOUR name. If it is not, click on the edit icon to the left of the delete icon, then select your name and click on the Update button.

The Achievements are updated nightly so if you qualify for any achievement, it will appear the next day.

How do I see my Achievements?

If you are logged onto, go to your League Dashboard and click on the “My Bowler Info” button. From there, click on the “Bowler Achievements” button. This will show you all the achievements you have earned on that league.

Another way is to go to your League Dashboard and click on the “Bowler Achievements” button. This will show all the bowlers who have accomplished an Achievement. Click on a name to view more detailed information.

If you do not see any Achievements for you and you believe you are entitled to one, make sure your account is linked to the correct bowler AND that your league administrator uploaded the data from the week you earned the achievement.

Below is a list of all available Achievements a bowler can earn. Note that you must have at least 9 games in current season for any Achievement to be earned:

Award800 Series (235 avg or less)
Award300 Game (235 avg or less)
Award275 Game (220 avg or less)
Award250 Game (205 avg or less)
Award200 Game (165 avg or less)
Award150 Game (125 avg or less)
Award700 Series (205 avg or less)
Award600 Series (175 avg or less)
Award500 Series (145 avg or less)
Award400 Series (115 avg or less)
Award100 Pins over average Game
Award150 Pins over average Series
AwardWeekly Most Over Average
AwardIncrease average by at least 1 pin