Review Of Pyramid Mens HPX Right Handed Wide Bowling Shoes

 Pyramid Mens HPX Right Handed Wide Bowling Shoes

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These are probably the most comfortable bowling shoes I've ever worn! Not only that, they don't look like bowling shoes either! They actually look and feel like sneakers! And they slide great too! Now that I have worn these, I can never go back to regular bowling shoes!

The Pyramid HPX is the first high performance shoe with interchangeable soles and heels to be introduced in the Pyramid line-up. The HPX is a biomechanically contoured performance shoe, designed to match the curved, asymmetric properties of the foot. This provides incredible comfort and stability, and requires minimal break-in time. Includes lime green laces.


Many sizes available.


Microfiber (Slide), Rubber (Traction) sole
100% Soft Full Grain Leather Upper
Thermal Poly-Urethane Outsole for Flexibility and minimal break-in time
Interchangeable Soles & Heels on Both Shoes
Biomechanically Contoured for superior performance and comfort
Includes S8 White Microfiber Slide Sole, TP3 Rubber Traction Sole, H5 Graduated Rubber Heel, H2 Sharktooth Heel (attached to shoes)

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