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A good bowler want a ball that looks great and performs great. We found one. This ball is very sharp-looking, with a bright yellow accent color that almost looks acid-washed in. Really cool. And the biggest thing that we noticed is the down-lane response of this ball. It doesn't react too quickly, and instead hooks far down the line giving a great hit-angle. This is probably due to the asymmetrical core and nice heavy cover-stock. Not to mention, its a great price. Does not come pre-drilled. Great ball!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That's why we've brought in the New Era 149 Symmetric core. This High RG/High Differential core technology provides bowlers with maximum flare potential and continuation. In order to offer the best remedy for medium-heavy oil, we've wrapped the core in our proven GPS Navigational Solid coverstock. Finished at 2000 Grit Abralon/Factory Finish Polish, the Antidote will give you a stronger, earlier and smoother reaction than the Pathogen.



12 pounds to 16 pounds


New Era 149 Symmetric Core
GPS Navigational Solid Coverstock
Ideal for Medium-Heavy Oil Conditions
2-Year Warranty

looking for a ball that absolutely will not hook. what might it be? 279829he 4/2/2018 01:19 PM

Usually a starter ball with a symmetric core or a solid ball will hook a lot less and not at all if you throw straight. admin 5/7/2018 09:03 AM

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