Review Of Storm 2 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag in Black/Gray/Lime

 Storm 2 Ball Rolling Thunder Bowling Bag in Black/Gray/Lime

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This is definitely on the upper end of cost as far as bowling bags go, but in my opinion, if you need easy storage, transportability, and ruggedness, this bag is fantastic. The wheels are nice and big, and one particular alley I go to has a gravel path, and this bag, fully loaded, handled even gravel with ease. Not only does it have room for a couple balls, also shoes, and a few other accessories, gloves, and more. The handle feels like good quality and it locks at the top. I could tell they did good engineering and testing on this bag, because even when I loaded it up, it sat real sturdy and seemed like it would take a lot to get it to tip over. If it’s in the budget, grab this bag because it is a fantastic, pro-level bag.

Taller locking dual stage telescopic handle with grip release which makes it easier to roll your equipment to and from the lanes.





• Wheel bearings for smoother roll
• Reinforced zippers and stitching with ample storage compartments
• Shoe compartment fits up to size 15 men's shoes

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