World Bowler Ranking Since August 1

Below are the top bowlers in our world rankings.

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 RankBowler NameTotal 
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622202Facebook48Dalton Unruh3300
712306Facebook49Harold Phillips3300
450535Facebook50David Cohen3300
597049Facebook47Nicholas Delvecchio3320
501221Facebook45Shaun Reeves3330
663275Facebook46David Tomes3330
728801Facebook44Jp Shea3350
656160Facebook43Perry Nelson3380
683770Facebook42Evan Balduaf3390
469256Facebook41Darren Baker3400
597689Facebook40Rick Gentry3410
677926Facebook37Daryl Hill3420
651133Facebook38Keven Keene3420
469680Facebook39Ryan Riley3420
655759Facebook36Mark Payton3430
708084Facebook34Terry Foster3450
583473Facebook35Maddi Sage3450
440312Facebook33Meraiah Block3460
549378Facebook32Ryan Walsh3490
731718Facebook31Gary Nelson3530
687467Facebook30Anthony Yando3540
490621Facebook29Marvin Holland3550
583033Facebook27Don Mcmann3560
333865Facebook28Max Doty3560
693407Facebook26Maxine Borem3570
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