World Bowler Ranking Since August 1

Below are the top bowlers in our world rankings.

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 RankBowler Name Total
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347914Facebook25Abraham Mcclary3580
687467Facebook30Anthony Yando3540
725006Facebook3Butch Robinson4920
511474Facebook15Chris Dritz3840
622202Facebook48Dalton Unruh3300
666066Facebook9Danny Allen4140
469256Facebook41Darren Baker3400
677926Facebook37Daryl Hill3420
450535Facebook50David Cohen3300
663275Facebook46David Tomes3330
172844Facebook16Dayton Grumbles3830
483952Facebook4Dennis Forrester4780
583033Facebook27Don Mcmann3560
6728Facebook1Eric Morrell6020
683770Facebook42Evan Balduaf3390
468869Facebook11Garry Gulash3940
731718Facebook31Gary Nelson3530
712306Facebook49Harold Phillips3300
710352Facebook18Jessica Rockney3760
663521Facebook10John Galyas4080
301646Facebook21Jon Horkey3690
722983Facebook13Joseph Modica3930
608304Facebook6Joyce Mccloud4430
728801Facebook44Jp Shea3350
556593Facebook19Kassandra Pawl3720
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