World Bowler Ranking Since August 1

Below are the top bowlers in our world rankings.

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 RankBowler Name Total
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774232Facebook14Antoine Anderson630
258207Facebook36Barnaby Joes480
390478Facebook40Bel Damian Jr480
733227Facebook27Blaze Moon530
329831Facebook49Brandon Muraoka460
623949Facebook10Bruce Pinol650
180727Facebook35Chris Jakubowski490
721677Facebook15Colton Chandler570
481772Facebook22Corey Koether550
750370Facebook11Corey Mendel650
755982Facebook37Dakota Gray480
777763Facebook42Davarah Ricks470
198874Facebook3David Swanson880
772929Facebook28Dean Ciccone530
452873Facebook32Dee Robbs500
490202Facebook16Derek Van Horn560
774142Facebook5Donn Tolit730
622674Facebook50Duke Deleon460
695893Facebook9Dwayne Johnson660
489458Facebook4Ellie Maloney760
662266Facebook12Erin Schneider640
329870Facebook45Frank Medina470
588110Facebook6Guadalupe Contreras720
632763Facebook13Jahmel Hinton630
760645Facebook2Jhustin Gomez890
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