Why join the only service in the bowling industry that provides bowling center and bowling league information such as standings, team rosters, recap sheets and game-by-game bowling data?

Upload and view for Free!

Utilizing CDE Software's Bowling League Secretary (BLS) Program (purchase required), bowling league administrators or bowling center management have the ability to upload all of their bowling league data absolutely free!

Historical Bowling Data

Many bowling leagues on our site have data dating back to 2001 when our website was first launched. With this data, the bowlers can view their progression, not just week after week, but also season after season.

Find Centers, Leagues, Teams And More!

Find and view bowling centers and bowling leagues around the world. All a part of your free membership!


No more worries on computer crashes. We will automatically store a backup of your last two uploads. If you ever need a copy of your files, they will be readily available to download and restore back to your CDE Software Bowling League Secretary (BLS) Program.

How to Upload

Make sure you have CDE Software's Bowling League Secretary (BLS) Program. Then, see our How to Upload page.

Latest Uploads

All times are MST
Friday Ind. Summer Lge. 2019TN07/23 06:12 AM
2019 Mon Scholar Dbles & SglsIL07/23 06:10 AM
Summer Fun LeagueFL07/23 06:10 AM
Monday Senior Trio Summer 2019NV07/23 06:05 AM
Scratch BowlingRI07/23 06:05 AM
#115 SUM. SBF- 2019PA07/23 06:00 AM
Monday Senior SummerRI07/23 05:55 AM
Savy SeniorsPA07/23 05:55 AM
Ultimate Have A Ball Summer 2019PA07/23 05:55 AM
10 FOR 10 YOUTH LEAGUE 2019PA07/23 05:52 AM
#130 SUM COUPLES 2019PA07/23 05:47 AM
Challenge Doubles 2019PA07/23 05:47 AM
Summer TriosFL07/23 05:47 AM
Summer No Tap 2019OH07/23 05:40 AM
Monday Mixed Trios Summer 2019PA07/23 05:37 AM
Dash 4 Cash 2019 07/23 05:27 AM
2019 Summer Golden OldiesNY07/23 05:25 AM
2019-Thurs. Men's Summer ClassicTX07/23 05:17 AM
Socialite/TNBA Summer 2019NC07/23 05:10 AM
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