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CenterID: 1207
West Acres Bowl
749 N Ridge Road
WichitaKS 67212

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LeagueID: 55333
321 - ST. FRANCIS 19/20
Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 08/20/2019
Start Time: 1:05 PM
Last Updated: 5/28/2020

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Hit And Miss
1MORGAN, KARENW45689725143189492
2GIPSON, MARYW528711748135180469
3SAVILLE, DEEDEEW68778914115164443
4MCMILLEN, JEANNEW558010482131173460
Team 2: Angel Fire
1, VACANTW640012000
2CASEY, JANW528110957135171468
3CROWNER, WANDAW488111284139190524
4BOLTON, RUTHW288714278164226546
Team 3: Split Happens
1MALONE, MARYW447210409144197524
2JETER, RITAW67789074116181437
3JUST, JUDYW65667844118179445
4MACON, VICKIW44639095144188478
Team 4: Tootsie Rolls
1MEYER, KATHLEENW457110163143209510
2BROWN, BLANCHEW71697722111146401
3RATZLAFF, MARGARET ANNW568410914129201481
4ROTH, BRENDAW47638935141197501
Team 5: Fun Bowlers
1SMITH, REVAW66505873117179425
2SEAL, WANDAW548411096132188474
3MARTIN, JANETW528110863134198482
4COBB, SALLYW447210484145177487
Team 6: Bowling Babes
1KISSLING, JAMIEW478411903141190535
2KUTZ, VERLENEW628410266122168457
3HARKNESS, BIRDIEW618110021123173430
4KALBERER, KATHYW34639932157219553
Team 7: Roll-In-Pins
1RILEY, LINDAW527810480134200502
2HENDRICKS, JUDYW55699056131177445
3SMITH, PEARLINEW49659021138185491
4HOLZMAN, KATHYW348413242157215559
Team 8: Almost
1SHOBE, MARIEW248113756169233593
2WILSON, DONNAW72808838110167422
3BLALOCK, MARYW668710230117167433
4, VACANTW640012000
5LANCASTER, JANEW41202974148179476
Team 9: Alley Oops
1WINFREY, RITAW408713019149199530
2, VACANTW640012000
3, VACANTW640012000
4SMILEY, BEVW348713687157222550
5BOZARTH, SHERRYW5291215135172465
6DRAGO, BILLIEW54425582132167444