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League ID: 64773

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Vero Bowl
929 14th Lane
Vero BeachFL 32960

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Hot Shots
1Barrington, SharleneW71273483129184452
2Caldwell, KayW93363869107163384
3Mikulewicz, ChuckM52395798148188495
4Hilzinger, RonM34396484166221568
Team 2: Spare Shooters
1Forte, RichM48213198152201508
2Thurin, PatW52365336148183483
3Lashorne, JenniferW10528267295134307
4Lashorne, JeffreyM60344777140215541
5Hendrick, DickM52395782148189502
Team 3: King Pins
1Becker, SusannahW11436312986118289
2Phillips, VernaW67182398133181474
3Sheets, JoanneW34335493166227571
4Minner, LarryM31305094169278588
Team 4: Dream Team
1Geis, MarilynW83333874117158392
2Zachar, AnnW70395107130162438
3Mathisen, BobM71334263129178462
4Zachar, JoeM4397658196266680
Team 5: All Spares
1Gartner, MarilynW80364324120171425
2McBain, MacM83394570117174411
3Steiner, BerylW46274165154201502
4Baldwin, BradM37396359163213584
Team 6: Big Four
1Hill, JeanM75364520125160435
2Colburn, TerriW77303717123161420
3Decheubl, EdM64395315136184460
4Brinson, RichardM43365665157189530
Team 7: Hi Rollers
1Tredor, JeanW71395045129165456
2Cohen, TommyM49304530151202498
3Tredor, AlexM61395430139180486
4Tredor, NickM27396773173230607
Team 8: Alley Cats
1Hopper, PatW79334021121161429
2Akers, RuthW63304121137169449
3Moscrip, DaveM52334915148215511
4Asencio, FelixM45396077155210550
Team 9: Pin Splitters
1Brooks, ChrisW80212540120158418
2Marshall, CharlotteW83151766117146399
3Mazzocca, BobM46365545154193501
4Baldwin, CheriW57243453143171464
5Kelley, CarolW68364759132185511
6Kniesly, DickM45396074155195517
Team 10: Alley Oops
1Carducci, RoseW63395350137176477
2Brousseau, NormaW81364303119153397
3Metz, FredM53334875147183466
4Fee, GeorgeM42396189158201527
Team 11: Strikers
1Ullom, PatW99393970101162341
2Komoroski, KarenW57395605143187485
3Crowly, DaveM52365346148186504
4Komoroski, DickM47395988153205523
Team 12: Pin Pals
1Geis, EdM72394999128191430
2Fee, ChrissyW65395273135186463
3Blasi, LouiseW59365085141200501
4Stahl, BillM47395993153213522
Team 13: Pin Busters
1Sorrelle, AnneW78394787122162433
2Abbenda, LouM65121625135168449
3McBride, LorraineW57395583143199486
4Buxton, JohnM43396149157210582
Team 14: Fire Balls
1Torregrossa, AidaW70395104130178463
2Lepore, LucilleW73394959127215470
3Platt, SteveM70395098130159444
4Bertini, MauriceM26396800174233596
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