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Team 1: Team 1
1Burns, ShawnM11732688995268
2Sandoval, IsmaelM1056619103129312
3Vitullo, BenjaminM756819136207427
Team 2: Time To Spare
1Stoffel, LoganM816776129152418
2Smith, JamiW108659899125341
3Howell, AlanM3761071178224582
Team 3: The Gutters
1Lussmyer, RileyM906714119132368
2McCarthy, BradleyM496991165217538
3Brown, CarmineM876743123154377
4McCarthy, LandenM616913152180485
Team 4: Where Is Luke
1Kronke, HannahW703428142178428
2Sowiak, PatrickM626906151177461
3Jacobs, SeanM1016646107124342
4DiFiore, KaidenM616916152206494
Team 5: Bowling 101
1Hansen, JoshM1056621103115322
2Bockhop, NathanM1083300100115300
3, VACANTM720014000
4, VACANTM720014000
Team 6: Half & Half
1Wakely, HunterM586930155188466
2Wakeley, BraydinM996662110122335
3Atkinson, TynanM3261109184235594
4Alberts, JustinM1661215202253624 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - SV9868