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Team 1: Roger P
1Hazelton, LaurieW0181893105146376
2Madison, MarciaW0242789116140384
3Brogan, DeeneW0242912121164433
4Porter, RogerM0274597170218547
Team 2: Bill D
1Maiatico, BetteW0242773115139386
2Fenner, JohnM0272935108141367
3Hazelton, RogerM0182339129163466
4Doncsecz, WilliamM0274364161205564
Team 3: Paul A
1Mahon, HilaryW0262926112152380
2Green, PaulM0182236124158434
3Karlan, MikeM0273437127166411
4Arnold, PaulM0243836159220541
Team 4: Phil H
1Manela, DavidM0242651110145383
2Westing, RobertM0273409126169409
3Strawn, KennethM0243356139186482
4Hoffman, PhilM0274441164215583
Team 5: Mike M
1McGuinness, JohnM0172091123147408
2Arum, MartyM0151951130169477
3Madison, JohnM0243345139209562
4Maiatico, MichaelM0243524146209502
Team 6: Jimmy S
1SantaMaria, MindyW021206198132330
2Parker, RosemaryW0273429127171426
3Evans, CarlM0212900138166452
4SantaMaria, JamesM0182703150207516
Team 7: John C
1Green, YvonneW0182027112146374
2D'Ascensio, FrankM0243511146182483
3Ciccone, JohnM0243147131172443
4Wyckoff, EllenW0212706128166445
Team 8: Bill F
1Falsone, CharleenW0182248124165403
2Rossnagle, LornaW0273237119157416
3Porter, BeverlyW09949105131338
4Falsone, WilliamM0213164150187508
Team 9: Terry W
1LePage, AnitaW0243188132195453
2Peters, MaryW0242702112149354
3Wallace, SharonW0263431131162446
4Westing, TerryW0243350139171489
Team 10: Pat D
1Doncsecz, PatriciaW0273865143176471
2Hein, Lou AnnW0242704112175399
3Pannepacker, VinceM0243281136179489
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