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The Allstar
96 Main Road
Riverhead NY 11901

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Bobbies Bunch
1FOLEY, GLORIAW50304329144191493
2LEVESQUE, KATHYW75364199116171418
3FALTIN, EDM49365227145199488
4FALTIN, BOBBIEW45253741149192491
Team 2: Sassy Ladies
1WACHTER, GAILW71334023121151418
2THILESEN, SALLYW72242891120164412
3NETHAWAY, LOUISEM45365424150200514
4RAWLEIGH, DEBW69303710123158415
Team 3: Knock Them Down
1TERGESEN, KATHLEENM80212333111176394
2BROPHY, MARGARETM48365282146187517
3PAPIDAKIS, GEORGEM40365614155217534
4GEBHART, CHRISM27335612170221571
Team 4: The Shield
1SYMONS, JASONM63364654129171421
2RODGERS, PATM66334173126156413
3KELLAR, JOHNM31294797165255591
4LIONARONS, TIMM35365827161213552
Team 5: Mike's Up 2Nd
1LEAHY, LYNNEW63303890129201491
2LEAHY, MIKEM0367306202251677
3GAFFNEY, TIMM0367481207255737
4KELLER, CHRISTOPHERM0336914209257690
Team 6: Two Italian Stallions
1, VACANTM720012000
2, VACANTM720012000
3CALANDRA, FRANCESCOM27366127170236543
4CALANDRA, ANTHONYM0336628200257675
Team 7: North Fork Four
1UTERANO, ANDYM83333562107154387
2BEISEL, MELISSAW69364435123156407
3UTERANO, JACQUEW85333468105142368
4BEISEL, ARTM34335378162236589
Team 8: Cheese And Crackers
1LEVY, RALPHM65364603127170477
2WILLIAMS, TANIAW56364940137205471
3CHINGAS, JOEM80333675111175383
4ANDRADE, JOHNM45365426150223557
Team 9: Split Happens
1SCHUESSLER, CHRISTINEW63354558130197457
2KELLY, CRYSTALW40365612155204576
3KELLY, KASSIEW36365772160227604
4KELLY, JAMESM17366548181266660
Team 10: D & K
1DERENZO, KARENW69303702123182430
2HYDE, KIMW54365042140186466
3DARCH, DENISEW38365671157194519
4DARCH, KENNYM26355989171213565
Team 11: Bald And Beautiful
1FERNANDEZ, TYLERM5275261194247685
2BAILEY, LINDSAYW78273074113167394
3BAILEY, WILLM9921187389137303
4REED, DEREKM29366040167221557
Team 12: The Pretty Littl
1, VACANTW720012000
2BEHR, CONNORM28335558168256657
3MEISENHOLDER, STEVEM33335400163231591
4KELLY, JIMMYM13366680185258633
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