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CenterID: 4360
Tangi Lanes
1612 W Thomas
HammondLA 70401

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Picone, JacksonTangi Lanes Youth18
Altlan, AddieTangi Lanes Youth17
Loupe, AnthonyTangi Lanes Youth15
Novak, MckinzieTangi Lanes Youth15
Knighten, ChadTangi Lanes Youth14
Desmond, SethTangi Lanes Youth13
Evans, CliffHave A Ball Spring 202111
Fasola, BlakeHave A Ball Spring 202111
Milan, PaulaTangi Lanes Youth10
Jordan, JarianHave A Ball Spring 202110
Hicks, KelseyTangi Lanes Youth10
Cowart, KristinaTangi Lanes Youth10
R, RyanHave A Ball Spring 202110
Rock, AnthonyHave A Ball Spring 202110
Brewer, SamuelHave A Ball Spring 20219
Brame, ScottHave A Ball Spring 20219
Byrd, VirginiaHave A Ball Spring 20219
Hauck, TraceTangi Lanes Youth9
Medina, IsabelTangi Lanes Youth9
Oddo Jr, RobertHave A Ball Spring 20219
Oddo Sr, RobertHave A Ball Spring 20218
Jones, CarliTangi Lanes Youth8
Hutton, VernonSpare Me Summer 20218
Opial, BlakeHave A Ball Spring 20218
Pelloat, BeauTangi Lanes Youth8
Seal, JasonHave A Ball Spring 20218
Thomas, AndyHave A Ball Spring 20218
Wheeler, TJHave A Ball Spring 20218
Dominguez, AidenTangi Lanes Youth7
Hess, CodieHave A Ball Spring 20217
Dawson, MaxTangi Lanes Youth7
Byrd, HayleyTangi Lanes Youth7
Byrd, BenHave A Ball Spring 20217
Olsen, AlSpare Me Summer 20217
Peco, VicHave A Ball Spring 20217
Prokop, BraydenTangi Lanes Youth7
Riggio, BrandonHave A Ball Spring 20217
Sharp, RustyHave A Ball Spring 20217
Williams, JonathanHave A Ball Spring 20217
Bankston, ValerieTangi Lanes Youth6
Bonck, SavannahTangi Lanes Youth6
Adzigian, JasonHave A Ball Spring 20216
Buras, JenniferHave A Ball Spring 20216
Davis, EmmaTangi Lanes Youth6
Hutton, JaleelTangi Lanes Youth6
K, BrianHave A Ball Spring 20216
Gulino, ChadwickHave A Ball Spring 20216
Fowler, AmandaHave A Ball Spring 20216
Fasola, MikeHave A Ball Spring 20216
Gottschalk, KaseyTangi Lanes Youth6
Falkenstein, GabbyTangi Lanes Youth6
Engeron, CarolineTangi Lanes Youth6
Landry, RudySpare Me Summer 20216
Matthews, KelbyHave A Ball Spring 20216
Williams, DwightTangi Lanes Youth6
Myers, TravisSpare Me Summer 20215
Loisel, MichelleHave A Ball Spring 20215
M, MichaelaHave A Ball Spring 20215
M, FrankHave A Ball Spring 20215
Delatte, ShaeHave A Ball Spring 20215
Galloway, MikeHave A Ball Spring 20215
G, RickHave A Ball Spring 20215
Graves, JasonHave A Ball Spring 20215
Hambrick, CameronTangi Lanes Youth5
Hauck, JaydenTangi Lanes Youth5
Byrd, HayleyHave A Ball Spring 20215
Canale, TaylorSpare Me Summer 20215
Costanza, CoryHave A Ball Spring 20215
Cocurullo, NicHave A Ball Spring 20215
Cannon, JahiHave A Ball Spring 20215
Beavers, JaelynnTangi Lanes Youth5
A, ReginaHave A Ball Spring 20215
Roe, MontySpare Me Summer 20215
Tynes, MelodyeHave A Ball Spring 20215
Varnado, EricaTangi Lanes Youth5
Williams, JoelHave A Ball Spring 20215
Zimmerman, ColinTangi Lanes Youth5
Blondiau, TaylerSpare Me Summer 20214
Booth, RyanTangi Lanes Youth4
Dawson, GracieTangi Lanes Youth4
Jackson, ShalantiHave A Ball Spring 20214
H, BillHave A Ball Spring 20214
Gardiner, CarleeTangi Lanes Youth4
M, ElizabethHave A Ball Spring 20214
M, SalHave A Ball Spring 20214
Medina, MiaTangi Lanes Youth4
Morgan, BarrettHave A Ball Spring 20214
Pye, HannahTangi Lanes Youth4
Roberts, NicolasHave A Ball Spring 20214
Tarver, ErikaTangi Lanes Youth4
Tynes, DougHave A Ball Spring 20214
Williams, RayHave A Ball Spring 20214
M, ScottHave A Ball Spring 20213
M, NicoleHave A Ball Spring 20213
Fletcher, BrandonSpare Me Summer 20213
Hoffstadt, HankSpare Me Summer 20213
Cannon, JahiTangi Lanes Youth3
Culligan, LoganTangi Lanes Youth3
Cowell, NikkiTangi Lanes Youth3
Cowell, KaylaTangi Lanes Youth3