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Super Bowl
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LeagueID: 14076
2021-22 MIXED NUTS
Bowls On: Fridays
Start Date: 09/10/2021
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 10/6/2021
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Off The Wal-Nuts
1Johnson, JoyW813404134145404
2Johnson, DougM633466155188466
3Leedom, LauraW000000
4Leedom, BrianM000000
Team 2: Cashew Later
1Koplitz, ShannonW833398132135398
2Bowers, NancyW813405135157405
3Weber, ShelbyW873384128155384
4Bowers, KeithM763420140159420
Team 3: Nut Cases
1Flesburg, TerriW118327993100279
2Marx, LoriW1073319106111319
3Marx, GregM513505168170505
4Flesburg, LeonM753425141158425
Team 4: Nut Today
1Wegner, BarbW853390130135390
2Zwerg, SherylW553491163175491
3Zwerg, CarlM1053324108130324
4Wegner, JohnM753424141170424
Team 5: Co-Co Nuts
1Hurlbut, DesireeW903377125154377
2Johnson, NikkiW853390130157390
3Krake, SonyaW1023333111123333
4Pollak, SarahW893378126129378
Team 6: Really Nutz
1Lewandowski, PamW923366122125366
2Wilson, SharonW953358119135358
3Wilson, JoeM853392130150392
4Gillis, GeneM773418139151418
Team 7: Beer Nuts
1Baer, PatW813405135141405
2Edwards, JimM863389129144389
3Edwards, SharonW124326387102263
4Warhurst, RonM553491163179491
Team 8: Baken Fried Knuts
1Knutson, NikkiW723434144168434
2Knutson, PeteM783416138164416
3Baken, SharonW1013337112128337
4Baken, MarkM813405135149405
Team 9: Numb-Nutz
1Vander Pas, JonM693446148150446
2Bentheimer, PegW1093311103114311
3Jossart, KrisW12132729099272
4Jossart, LeweM823400133145400