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Updated 08/22/2019

Center Bowler Awards


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Below are the bowlers who have earned awards for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Awards program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Awards
Crump, JonathanMinors 2018/201942
Bragdon, MarkNorthwood Park League 2018-1937
Belanger, BenLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1936
Wyman, DavidIndustrial Park Bowling34
Flanigan, NoahLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1932
PERREAULT, ROGERPublic Service League 2018 - 1931
Meyers, BennettIndustrial Park Bowling30
Tripp, AmyFriday Night Mixed29
Brawn, JustinMamas & Papas 2018 - 201928
Gillis, JohnMamas & Papas 2018 - 201928
Theriault, RolandFriday Night Mixed28
Thibault, MichaelMamas & Papas 2018 - 201928
Lamore, DarylIndustrial Park Bowling27
BROWN, ALFREDPublic Service League 2018 - 1926
DYKE, BENJAMINPublic Service League 2018 - 1926
Juray, JustinNorthwood Park League 2018-1926
Fortier, MarkFriday Night Mixed25
Frechette, DavidIndustrial Park Bowling25
Pearl, ShaneMamas & Papas 2018 - 201925
Webb, DerekIndustrial Park Bowling25
Burg, ThomasFriday Night Mixed24
Moore, DominicLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1924
THERIAULT, ROLANDPublic Service League 2018 - 1924
Coburn, ChristopherFriday Night Mixed23
Burg, JosephFriday Night Mixed23
Burgess, ClaytonMamas & Papas 2018 - 201923
Allaire, DanielleLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1923
Dakin, JoshFriday Night Mixed23
Diaz, InocencioIndustrial Park Bowling23
Fillion, GlenIndustrial Park Bowling23
Hallowell, NateFriday Night Mixed23
MacFarlane, ShayneIndustrial Park Bowling23
Morin, AnitaSparetime Ladies 2018-1923
Morin, JimMamas & Papas 2018 - 201923
White, AmandaMamas & Papas 2018 - 201923
Bickford, StevenNorthwood Park League 2018-1922
Douglas, RichardIndustrial Park Bowling22
Giberti Jr., ThomasIndustrial Park Bowling22
Gove, JohnLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1922
LaMore, DarylMamas & Papas 2018 - 201922
Sabourin, SkipNorthwood Park League 2018-1922
Violette, JoshuaLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1922
Weymouth, RuthMamas & Papas 2018 - 201922
Williams, JanessaMamas & Papas 2018 - 201922
Crump, DavidMinors 2018/201921
Clement, JuniorNorthwood Park League 2018-1921
Babb, StephenIndustrial Park Bowling21
Boutin, BrockLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1921
Daigle, KenNorthwood Park League 2018-1921
Dancsak, GavinLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1921
DIAZ, INOCENCIOPublic Service League 2018 - 1921
Edgecomb, DebraSparetime Ladies 2018-1921
Flanigan, NathanielLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1921
Gagne-Robertson, AlexandrahLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1921
Hannan, BriannaLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1921
Huskin, DavidNorthwood Park League 2018-1921
JOHNSON, AARONPublic Service League 2018 - 1921
Marcotte, SarahIndustrial Park Bowling21
Marichal, ClaudeMamas & Papas 2018 - 201921
Poulin, ErikIndustrial Park Bowling21
Stimpson, AlNorthwood Park League 2018-1921
Washburn, RickIndustrial Park Bowling21
Bosse, PaulineFriday Night Mixed20
Burgess, CullenMamas & Papas 2018 - 201920
Ashton, ScottFriday Night Mixed20
Ben, JoannieNorthwood Park League 2018-1920
Gervais, LeviIndustrial Park Bowling20
Montminy, TylorLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1920
Morin, JamesFriday Night Mixed20
POTVIN, RONALDPublic Service League 2018 - 1920
Robinson, ColinLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1920
St. Amand, NormNorthwood Park League 2018-1920
Weymouth, RuthSparetime Ladies 2018-1920
Clark, JimmyIndustrial Park Bowling19
Bissonette, JameyIndustrial Park Bowling19
Dakin, GlennFriday Night Mixed19
Dubuc, StevenIndustrial Park Bowling19
Dumais, BrysonLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1919
FOSS, BRIANPublic Service League 2018 - 1919
Fournier, ChrisFriday Night Mixed19
Frazer, ScottIndustrial Park Bowling19
Gallagher, KaitlinNorthwood Park League 2018-1919
Goulding, JoanSparetime Ladies 2018-1919
Hall, ScottFriday Night Mixed19
Justin, GagnonIndustrial Park Bowling19
LeClair, MichaelNorthwood Park League 2018-1919
Leeman, TimNorthwood Park League 2018-1919
McDonough, KyleighLAUSBCA MAJORS 2018/1919
WYMAN, KENNTHPublic Service League 2018 - 1919
Carney, DennisIndustrial Park Bowling18
BLAIR, ZACHERYPublic Service League 2018 - 1918
Berube, DanNorthwood Park League 2018-1918
Clukey, JohnFriday Night Mixed18
Dostie, ChadIndustrial Park Bowling18
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