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League ID: 104362

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Bowls at:
Sarasota Lanes
2250 Fruitville Rd
SarasotaFL 34237


Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Team 1
1Johnson, KimW115121354112154272
2Johnson, AbiW111161870116144258
3Johnson, NathanM100162063128168305
4Johnson, CraigM71142259161211388
Team 2: Team 2
1Vandekerckhove, SaraW14014117884105205
2Vandekerckhove, NoraW1501288273116180
3, VACANTM900014000
4, VACANTM900014000
Team 3: Team 3
1Wickliffe, AliciaW108101206120151273
2Zappacosta, VinceM117101096109145246
3Jarrie, RebekahW16063746284152
4, VACANTM900014000
Team 4: Team 4
1Lobdell, PeggyW12912116096125244
2Lobdell, BrianM115151691112152274
3Dabrowska, AniaW13816138786118204
4Wojtaszek, SteveM109141662118165286
Team 5: Team 5
1Cherry, GregM82121784148179346
2Cherry, SusanW12812117597117212
3Przybylowicz, GaelenM105121486123147280
4, VACANTM900014000
Team 6: Team 6
1Robles, ChrisM71142262161264439
2Santucci, AndrewM76142178155187340
3Hastings, MeganW103141752125187277
4Edwards, DonM90141957139210383
5Sepper, JordanM282416208210416
Team 7: The Goofballs
1Eding, LisaW1461293077109180
2Eding, StanleyM123121243103123227
3Welty, DougM102121523126154279
4Wigod, KateW108141689120148289
5Rueger, RichardM110121404117137262
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