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975 boul. St-Joseph
GatineauQB J8Z 1W8
(819) 776-3535
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Bowls On: Fridays
Start Date: 09/06/2019
Start Time: 12:45 PM
Last Updated: 1/17/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Denise Gauthier
1GAUTHIER, DENISEW0395653144222565
2BELANGER, LISEW0333947119169420
3PAQUETTE, LEOM0365021139206541
4LACASSE, CLAUDEM0274077151287589
5LARIVIERE, LUCIENM0397615195285741
Team 2: Ginette Bilodeau
1SEGUIN, GILBERTM0334598139176492
2BILODEAU, GINETTEW0313965127186465
3GAIGNERY, GILLESM0384942130202492
4DERIGER, ROBERTM0396544167228586
5ROUSSEL, DIANEW0305287176238582
Team 3: Colette Morin
1MORIN, COLETTEW0305140171216567
2SINCENNES, DARQUISEW0364547126180433
3BOUCHER, SUZANNEW0395772148194511
4POTVIN, ANDREM0395397138182472
5COLLARD, HUGUETTEW0333682111167380
Team 4: Suzanne Mongeon
1GRATTON, DENISEW0395427139219472
2MONGEON, SUZANNEW0396233159218576
3LAURIN, GISELEW0365569154216577
4PATENAUDE, PAULM0243299137214480
5THERIEN, SERGEM0121997166217634
Team 5: Diane Gregoire
1FOURNIER, LOUISEW0304231141213533
2LANGLOIS, JOCELYNEW0273940145221578
3GREGOIRE, DIANEW0273712137183484
4ISABELLE, GILLESM0395717146202525
5LOFTUS, DANNYM0183226179293650
Team 6: Louise Charbonneau
1COUPAL, CECILEW0364340120176439
2LALONDE, SUZANNEW0363788105149379
3CHARBONNEAU, LOUISEW0396540167263604
4JOANIS, LOUISEW0335870177260651
5TREPANIER, PIERREM0335178156215535
Team 7: Guy Belisle
1BELISLE, GUYM0396375163231546
2AUBRY, SUZANNEW0213126148227553
3MORIN, ROBERTM0304093136173451
4RACINE, GEORGESM0394888125208446
5GREGOIRE, ARMANDM0274019148226536
Team 8: Pierrette Beaulne
1BERNIQUEZ, CLAUDETTEW0364780132169460
2BLAIS, KATHERINEW0304852161224569
3BEAULNE, PIERRETTEW0396120156231571
4ROUSSEL, SERGEM0304728157229513
5CHARBONNEAU, ROBERTM0396414164271613
Team 9: Roch Mongeon
1LACROIX, SUZANNEW0334904148211507
2GAIGNERY, BRENDAW0395959152221538
3MONGEON, ROCHM0397325187303680
4LAURIN, LUCIEW0335407163221560
5, VACANTM00015000
Team 10: Jocelyne Menard
1VILLENEUVE, LUCM0394960127154423
2TREPANIER, BARBARAW0365283146250532
3GAUTHIER, LOUISM0334695142267537
4MENARD, JOCELYNEW0396686171252599
5CHARLEBOIS, PIERREM0335489166289658