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River City Bowl-A-Way
380 Independence
NapoleonOH 43545

Bowls On: Sundays
Start Date: 08/25/2019
Start Time: 2:30 PM
Last Updated: 12/1/2019

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Purrddy Baaallls
1Blaylock, JaysonM13152927195236654
2Blaylock, TracyW72151950130170448
3Castillo, PamW73151922128152419
4Jackson, RandyM32183140174224603
5Blaylock, BradyM000000
Team 2: Crazy Goats
1Pfund, RachelW10318171995137308
2Greene, JohnM60182587143184522
3Pfund, AlanM18183437190273749
4Mansfield, BeckyW89121343111139364
Team 3: I Got Eight
1Gerken, StephW64182496138181447
2Higbea, ConnieW74151917127165425
3Sonnenberg, DennyM2183733207258745
4Higbea, JohnM22122229185233578
5Knape, PhyllisW523457152166457
6Knape, JimM503463154165463
Team 4: Ball Fondlers
1Haynes, TinaW83182108117173383
4Berry, RichardM45152390159219502
5Berry, TerraW9915149299148330
6Baumann, BretM87182038113148399
Team 5: Split Lickers
1Dick, JanelleW45182874159192543
2Dick, JayM33152599173215577
3Saaf, LeeAnnW86182058114145374
4Saaf, ChrisM10183567198280719
Team 6: Cacklin Hens N Men
1Baird, RickM57152198146163457
2Baird, CathyW88182016112144375
3Jackson, KarlaW72182336129176442
4Simon, RandyM54142102150229520
Team 7: Phantom Strikers
1Huber, AnnetteW69121604133163428
2Huber, KevinM72182357130159457
3Lohbauer, AmyW54182693149180496
4Lohbauer, JimM4153082205257703
Team 8: Chuckers
2Carr, PatW98181830101134369
4CarrLEFT, ChuckM2691631181235552
5Carr, ChuckM3261045174191547
Team 9: Glory Bowls
1Martin, MelanieW10515140393139330
2Martin, WesM68182412134202459
3Maunz, ArleneW11018157287117276
4Maunz, JasonM10818160489131312
Team 10: Homan - Higbea
1Schmenk, AnnaW10518168593117315
2Homan, NancyW81182149119162408
3Higbea, CraigM9153007200242654
4Homan, GeneM0183780210258709
Team 11: 4 Balls 2 Splits
1Boulton, RJM91151632108152368
2Boulton, KrystalW86151722114196409
3Heinemann, JoshM84151753116161386
4Heinemann, ShannonW82151773118147389
Team 12: Bowls Deep
1Buendia, AshleyW11218153385105282
2Patterson, RustyM51182765153202503
3Maurer, HeatherW97181839102149380
4Sayen, CoreyM80182194121147386