League Standings 633 - Sureshots



633---sureshots: Year: 2018 Season: fall Week: 3
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
12Schwaiger Delventhal10283 %1067260426962041
23Nelson Esparza Schwaiger8467 %866059697352148
34Wilhelm Wilhelm7558 %772565308022244
45Horner-Little7558 %772543737682242
57Chausee Gerken Smith5742 %560153616891870
66Lange Badenhop4833 %465559117002074
71Split Happens4833 %458333766291803
88Ward Snyder40100 %453015945381594
98Keene Trevino3925 %352647436011647
1010Bye00100 %00000
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