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Bowls On: Mondays
Start Date: 09/16/2019
Start Time: 8:00 PM
Last Updated: 1/20/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Archbold Container
1Berry, ToddM30335838176246678
2Rupp, BrianM32335742174235597
3Damron, JohnM27366473179245607
Team 2: Merrick
1Eicher, KevinM26335992181240650
2Smith, TimM28213755178232575
4Pike, PhilM17366910191276699
Team 3: Watkins Electric
1Watkins, PaulM24366610183265636
2Rosebrock, TomM27366466179233616
3Rosebrock, SpencerM9367189199265702
Team 4: Logo This 2
1Bostelman, KevinM30366339176244592
2Burdue, LoganM22366670185246686
3Evans, MikeM1367514208266710
Team 5: Grelton Elevator
1Burkhart, JeffM45365761160211570
2Norden, TerryM18366864190265651
3LeVeck, ScottM21336140186268689
Team 6: Archbold Super Valu
1Miller, MichaelM25366569182234606
2Sauder, GeneM39365992166243590
3Smith, RyanM21366707186242608
Team 7: Logo This
1Rychener, DonnieM39366010166232577
2Yoder, DannyM34244136172233559
3Krauss, DougM45304806160213516
Team 8: Amerimade Realty
2Johnson, TomM45335247159201546
3Selgo, DickM6367315203256702
4Miller, DaveM240018300
Team 9: Pisanellos Pizza
1Myers, DougM27366444179242588
2Myers, CraigM46365712158223575
3Wilhelm, BenM12367091196278694
Team 10: Smith Family Affair
1Parker, SeanM3306191206256703
2Busch, TracyM7336669202256674
3Busch, LanceM0255497219278749
Team 11: Watkins Electric Ladies
1Rosebrock, TracyW72364697130158441
2Rosebrock, BrittanyW47365674157203524
3Watkins, BarbW22336130185240601
Team 12: Superheroes In Training
1Metzger, BridgetW82333910118178416
2Kelly, JeremiahM90121330110140379
3Metzger, ZacM0336903209267732
4Metzger, MaxM8214224201247660