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Updated 08/22/2019

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River City Bowl-A-Way
380 Independence
NapoleonOH 43545

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Merrick
1Eicher, KevinM276912403179244641
2Grieser, JohnM27214921207297716
3Pike, PhilM197213596188237658
4Schwaiger, RandyM00023200
Team 2: Logo This
1Rychener, DonnieM367212202169247579
2Yoder, DannyM246612140183248653
3Krauss, DougM326310977174246598
Team 3: Terry Henricks Cdj
1Sauder, KyleM43518265162240577
2Overmier, MikeM217213461186258686
3Lantz, LucasM326611499174256626
Team 4: Archbold Super Valu
1Miller, MichaelM336911961173235622
2Sauder, GeneM287212826178243646
3Smith, RyanM226612266185247613
4Sauder, ChrisM3061059176206543
Team 5: Archbold Container
1Berry, ToddM177213808191268698
2Rupp, BrianM327212599174232639
3Damron, JohnM206912906187263642
Team 6: Watkins Electric
1Watkins, PaulM38579555167225622
2Rosebrock, TomM297212745177244660
3Rosebrock, SpencerM56613526204279728
Team 7: Logo This 2
1Bostelman, KevinM356911841171254609
2Burdue, LoganM25305461182246604
3Evans, MikeM27214963207300747
4Yenser, TimM23274992184239605
Team 8: Grelton Elevator
1Burkhart, JeffM437211698162235661
2Gors, CraigM0276010222268772
3Norden, TerryM186612552190248649
4LeVeck, ScottM267213045181269619
Team 9: Amerimade Realty
1Miller, DaveM247213178183253652
2Johnson, TomM386010053167235615
3Selgo, DickM57214749204300758
Team 10: Pisanellos Pizza
1Gors, BillM417211827164226584
2Myers, DougM327212571174236619
3Myers, CraigM407211934165245606
Team 11: Watkins Electric Ladies
1Rosebrock, TracyW72729376130185457
2Rosebrock, BrittanyW506910641154216538
3Watkins, BarbW31549489175234595
Team 12: Team 12
1Lantz, JonnyM64699558138191484
2Lerma, JarettM75455696126173464
3Suffel, ToriW97697098102162379
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