League Standings 092 Summer Jr/Adult



092-summer-jradult: Year: 2018 Season: summer Week: 9
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
112Dr. Mcnugget261072 %26546147406581754
211Buckeyes251169 %25464115625521479
33Thompson Shafer Metzger221461 %22491133606021632
46Fox Franz211558 %21493133206121590
523 Babe Bowlers211558 %21446106465661454
614Anderson Watchman191753 %19499135125881678
713Weirauch Imhoof191753 %19395106774691310
810Shadday Weirauch Feather181850 %18453121255411483
97Pocket Pounders171947 %17486131395881662
101Pkj171947 %17462125195331523
118Sister Act152142 %1532487664151089
124Last Place152142 %1539081624611273
139Detmer Mcmahan Riebesehl63017 %642261904451268
145Sexton1353 %144026134711375
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