League Standings 091 Summer Trio



091-summer-trio: Year: 2018 Season: summer Week: 9
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
110Haynes Sharp Mcnamee261072 %26570152126481862
29The Gigolo's241267 %24422114085131365
32Call Us Butter...231364 %23493133065821568
45Metzger Hadley221461 %22562151766841848
57Split Happens221461 %22432116984941373
613Gray Burkholder211558 %21538127955911706
714Bowl Movements201656 %20586158576471905
811Tres Amigos201656 %20547148216441808
93Fossil Express171947 %17549148106351728
101All Shook Up162044 %16400108455151448
114Two "Men" & A Lady11.524.532 %11.5394108815771504
126R.A.D.112531 %1131284443781031
138Middleton Ward9.526.526 %9.5410108105091283
1412Thompson-Bittinger92725 %9409104544961237
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