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CenterID: 3209
Richland Lanes
1140 Frances St.
JohnstownPA 15904


Below is the list of bowling leagues for the Richland Lanes Johnstown PennsylvaniaBowling Center

If your bowling league is not listed, talk with your bowling center management or your bowling league secretary about uploading your bowling league data to us using CDE Software's BLS Program. Once you have the bowling league software, there is no charge to upload your bowling league data to our website!

The AVG column represents the average of the entire league. If you are looking for a more competitive league, choose one with a higher average. If you are looking for just a causual league, choose a lower average league.

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League IDLeagueSeasonDayTimeTypeLast UpdatedAVG
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3835SUNDAY MIXERSFall Sun06:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix03/18/2020139
13513SUNDAY NITE MUTTSFall Sun06:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix03/18/2020144
3842GALS AND GUYSFall Mon06:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix03/18/2020147
106529Savy SeniorsSprng Mon01:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix08/27/2019121
114498Winter SeniorsWnt Mon12:45 PMHdcp Adlt Mix03/11/2020132
3837ALLEY CATSFall Mon09:30 AMHdcp Womens03/18/2020121
3838DOMESTIC ENGINEERSFall Mon11:00 AMHdcp Womens03/18/2020119
4801Odds and EndsSum Tues06:30 PMHdcp Adlt Mix08/07/2019141
3846T.N.T.Fall Tues06:20 PMHdcp Adlt Mix03/11/2020154
28004Tues. Summer DoublesSprng Tues07:10 PMHdcp Mens08/07/2019173
39332PORTAGE AREA TEN PINFall Tues06:20 PMHdcp Mens03/11/2020164
96115BouquetsFall Tues12:30 PMHdcp Womens03/11/2020126
3844TOPPERSFall Tues11:00 AMHdcp Womens03/11/2020130
3852WEDNESDAY NITERS MIXEDFall Wed06:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix03/12/2020138
96149Wed RollersFall Wed06:30 PMHdcp Adlt Mix03/12/2020154
64355HI PRIORITYFall Wed06:00 PMHdcp Mens03/12/2020166
96151ShamrocksFall Thur06:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix03/13/2020133
3854THURSDAY NIGHT MIXEDFall Thur06:00 PMHdcp Adlt Mix03/13/2020143
96152SteelworkersFall Thur07:00 PMHdcp Mens03/13/2020172
52929TEACHERSFall Thur06:15 PMHdcp Mens03/13/2020166