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Richland Lanes
1140 Frances St.
JohnstownPA 15904

Bowls On: Sundays
Start Date: 08/18/2019
Start Time: 6:00 PM
Last Updated: 12/9/2019

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Huskies
1McCord, Torre'M024236198124325
2Stephens, KaitlynW0394362111175404
3Underwood, CherylW0365050140179445
4Costlow, JoeM0395787148171453
5Gregory, CoreyM0275352198254672
Team 2: Rotweillers
1Dutko, AmandaW0395097130206491
2Richardson, DylanM0394783122153424
4Gregory, ShaunM0182469137181477
5Kline, BryanM0397555193257679
Team 3: Bassets
1Holsinger, RayM0303468115146366
2Daily, DebraW0394065104144357
3Stephens, ArleneW0395567142192528
4Venet, SteeleM0395916151210536
5Gilkey, JerryM0274788177210600
Team 4: Collies
1Richardson, JimM0395089130185419
2Holmes, MargaretW0364625128181489
3Witkosky, JohnM0365050140199472
4Taylor, MaureenW0395635144199516
5Beers, DennisM0396570168234604
Team 5: Terriers
1Gagan, RonM0334275129184464
2Blair, MindyW0334562138184494
3, VACANTM03360120120360
4Daily, MattM0395484140156427
5Hagerich, LynnM0304986166222547
Team 6: Poodles
1, VACANTM00012000
2Hagerich, LindaW0303693123158407
4Costlow, AudreyW0243064127134373
5Blair, JamesM0396686171222570
Team 7: Bulldogs
1Reese, VanessaW0394459114150399
2Daily, DaleM0263245124160426
3Chippie, JanetW0395619144183482
4Miller, ChadM0396219159223555
5Miller, BryanM0396625169231639
Team 8: Labradors
1Wise, PhilM0394843124170422
2Zybura, AshleyW0395329136179469
3, VACANTM03360120120360
4Petak, RobertM0396326162205525
5Underwood, ArtM0396343162235562