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Richland Lanes
1140 Frances St.
JohnstownPA 15904

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Team 1: Team 1
1Demchak, BobM31609956165264712
2Williams, BarbW64577331128193540
3Petrusic, SandyW9933296189136354
4Nesmith, SallyW87454640103190386
5, VACANTW810011000
Team 2: Team 2
1Owens, CarrieW70576960122197446
2Smith, JeanW72485755119191480
3Lear, FayeW83394207107152427
4, SamW99326889110268
5, RichM383471157175471
5, VACANT 810011000
Team 3: Team 3
1Lehman, HarryM49629048145212530
2Hecker, Mary AnnW11057439777128278
3Bunn, BennyM87636522103156404
4Caulfield, BeckyW87484971103147383
5, VACANTW810011000
5, VACANT 810011000
Team 4: Team 4
1Fetterman, ElsieW45487182149238628
2Layton, SueW90565637100168412
3Burnosky, MariaW59577691134187478
4, VACANTW810011000
5, VACANTM810011000
Team 5: Team 5
1Costlow, AudreyW50547814144222590
2Albert, MargeW67394908125210480
3Beneigh, JudyW68637854124233566
4Morgan, JaneW75364203116158380
5, vacantW813330110110330
Team 6: Team 6
1Drenner, PatW56456168137192486
2Brudnak, LouiseW72485750119209486
3Goff, SylviaW66516460126171442
4White, SharonW9513122594120349
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