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Richland Lanes
1140 Frances St.
JohnstownPA 15904

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Team 1: Pin Pals
1McKinnis, AmandaW0606891114160403
2Freeman, BeckyW0759479126194507
3, VACANTW00013000
4McKinnis, DanielM08411567137205539
5Freeman, PaulM08414304170240587
Team 2: Splits & Giggles
1Raihl, HeatherW09612761132216489
2Smith, SammyW0849550113177413
3, VACANTW00013000
4Stigers, DerekM07812019154197550
5Keyser, ScottM09315569167256657
Team 3: 3 Balls & 2 Splits
1Naugle, VickiW06910147147195499
2Golby, JimM09012322136209492
3Naugle, JoCarolW08411283134186472
4Naugle, TonyM08113438165246605
5Golby, BrendanM07211803163216557
Team 4: The A Team
1Hof, ChrisM09612653131196472
2Catau, PaulM09313012139197512
3Peck, NancyW096910094144396
4Valentine, BobM09311997129182492
5Avila, ToddM09614358149204521
Team 5: Toilet Bowlers
1Conant, SheriW0788860113173438
2Conant, GregM0517636149205539
3, VACANTW00013000
4Hutzell, TammyW0637608120161430
5Hutzell, RalphM09016568184267665
Team 6: Bipolar Rollers
1Page, RobM09012024133195469
2Hauger, ZachM09014533161237562
3, VACANTM03390130130390
4Barnes, LisaM038313882110310
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