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Richland Lanes
1140 Frances St.
JohnstownPA 15904

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Fresh Rubber
1Miller, BryanM0519018176268637
2Roles, D.J.M0446956158234582
3Kosis, KyleM0517751151212522
4Bennett, JohnM0425903140223530
5Rouser, JRM051501598155379
6Rouser, TammieW051458589146345
Team 2: No Chain Gang
1Papinchak, TimM0496953141208489
2Papinchak, StaceyW0517018137207482
3McPherson, TammyW0416823166210563
4McPherson, RickM0457739171221549
5, VacantM00012000
6, VACANTW00012000
Team 3: Umizoomi
1Mahon, ShawnM0456724149200480
2Mahon, ErinW0364683130184475
3Wilson, RandyM028226380114285
4Loveridge, RogerM0335036152202510
5Buchkovich, TimM0425449129181445
6, VACANTM00012000
Team 4: L.T.R.
1Wise, DougM0517019137197470
2Hill, CherylW0405572139176520
3McKool, SueW0454968110158371
4Blackham, GeorgeM0517244142208509
5, VacantM00012000
6, VACANTM00012000
Team 5: Beer Runners
1Buzzard, MaryW0515685111150401
2Buzzard, EmilyW0485306110174424
3Brewer, JudiW051485895148389
4Michalides, LeeM0516278123167437
5Michalides, ShellyW051493496133368
6, VACANTM00012000
Team 6: Ball Busters
1Teeter, JohnM0518223161231614
2Teeter, ReneeW0516127120167404
3Yoder, GregM0518260161214571
4Yoder, TracyW0515388105161422
5Lodolinski, WallyM0486305131172491
6, VACANTM00012000
Team 7: Family Ties
1Bischof, SandyW0515771113161385
2Bischof, BillM0455429120173454
3Bischof, SamW051449288122312
4Stayrook, BillM0488313173230604
5, VACANTM00012000
6, VACANTW00012000
Team 8: R U F-In Kidding
1Hamryrzak, JoyW0425768137197467
2Shaffer, ColeenW0425773137174480
3Kauffman, ChrisW0334714142220496
4Kauffman, CliffM0517655150191536
5, VACANTM00012000
6, VACANTM00012000
Team 9: The Knuckle Ballers
1Kepple, PatM0487869163239583
2Torok, MikeM0487263151211528
3Torok, WhitneyW0455447121165449
4Steel, KarenW0516414125176433
5, VacantM00012000
6, VACANTW00012000
Team 10: Team 10
1Hearn, TinaW0517798152185524
2Hearn, JeffM05110143198276707
3Ganslandt, GabrielM0515224102155385
4Yoder, DaveM0334234128180471
5Buchkovich, MikeM0151656110163371
6, VACANTW00012000
Team 11: The Misfits
1Edsall, RickM0517249142189510
2McCarthy, JimM0517208141188471
3Kuzminsky, NathanM0486259130193454
4Sarver, TerryM0424701111152403
5Wilson, KenM042416199156389
6, VACANTM00012000
Team 12: Steagles
1Townsend, LeahW0395549142191497
2Asashon, LeahW045438297152415
3Tremarki, LindaW0485654117160388
4Tremarki, JoeM048469597143354
5, VACANTM00012000
6Asashon, JonM0517516147186510
Team 13: Team 13
1Erb, JimM0487623158216571
2Erb, ChrisW0515715112185395
3Thompson, CindyW0515478107148400
4Thompson, BobM0486312131182442
5, VACANTM00012000
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