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League ID: 44845

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Richland Lanes
1140 Frances St.
JohnstownPA 15904

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Lint
1Lint, BrodyM0346605194240685
2Lint, JenW0427624181267594
3Lint, ShaneM0336126185258628
4Kostick, GeorgeM0427551179286643
5Sands, JimM0458820196265728
Team 2: Rager
1Warholic, AnnW042332579123318
2Tom, GrosikM0487108148216529
3Grosik, JohnM0457874174240591
4Alt, StephenM0264570175223605
5Rager, JimM04810591220300757
Team 3: Bennett
1Hoffecker, NancyW0274035149225544
2Hoffecker, MaddieW0181975109167379
3Bennett, IanM0245284220300777
4Bennett, JessicaW0273443127177424
5Bennett, TylerM0244321180274696
Team 4: Meck
1Grove, ZachM0366192172255651
2Grove, JamesM0192117111153359
3Yoder, JessicaW00015000
4Dagastino, JennaW0182653147164412
5Meck, ScottM0273864143220532
Team 5: Dutko
1Dutko, KurtisM0394884125180431
2Dutko, AmandaW0455846129167458
3Dutko, JustinM0426527155216547
4Yackulich, PaulM0455304117193448
5Stephens, KaitlynM0364439123166445
Team 6: Stiffler
1Layton, DevinM00015000
2Leary, RyanM06821136173424
3Dewitt, JamesM0487864163263604
4Stiffler, FrankM0212259107214438
5Winger, CharlesM036291280145329
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