League Standings WEEKENDERS LEAGUE 2018-2019



weekenders-league-2018-2019: Year: 2017 Season: fall Week: 22
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
11Rr Hot Shots241267 %46665444938582363
29Wayne Trophies231364 %55795467388872451
38Hln Investments231364 %52691454098362372
46Lindsey-Eco-Wate211558 %44748470198542477
52Valley Oral191753 %35703434097832240
64Bad Enough 2 B G171947 %37748471279202531
710France Electric15.520.543 %40.5681452398172324
87Dz Flooring15.520.543 %38.5688431857982228
93Fabricators Unli142239 %43769467198732438
105Meineke Car Care82822 %29662416717992225
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