League Standings F-M LEAGUE 2018-2019



f-m-league-2018-2019: Year: 2017 Season: fall Week: 23
Pos Team #NameWonLost% WonYTDAvgPinsHSGHSS
17Jdp Electric131.578.563 %3497125891110162876
25Budweiser124.585.559 %3479226581011393095
31Duffy's102.5107.549 %378.58266250410463083
42Slammers102.5107.549 %352.57586043710282870
56Silver Bullets9811247 %3718376368510713023
64Red River Lanes9811247 %3528246377810402982
73Naesth Construction92.5117.544 %333.5788577859792703
88Fremling Bus90.5119.543 %276.5706549309292728
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