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Below are the bowlers who have earned awards for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Awards program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Awards
Del Priore, SteveSplitz CoEd Summer 201911
Pollock, AdamSplitz CoEd Summer 201911
Souffrin, Steven19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles11
Gioello, ChrisSplitz CoEd Summer 201910
Hynes, NicholSplitz CoEd Summer 201910
Laverdi, Anthony19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles9
Cadunzi, David19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles9
Lombardi, Frank19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles9
McCormick, ChristopherSplitz CoEd Summer 20199
Mulkay, Helene19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles9
Palmeri, Nicholas19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles9
Palumbo, JoeSplitz CoEd Summer 20199
Wichnovitz, JasonYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20199
Block, DanielYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20198
Guarnieri, Joseph19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles8
Santos, Alex19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles8
Schwartz, HarrisonSplitz CoEd Summer 20198
Gavrity, Brendan19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles7
Anastasi, Briana19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles7
Courtney, Kenneth19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles7
Mester, Brianna19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles7
Nalbone, StephenSplitz CoEd Summer 20197
Rini, PaulSplitz CoEd Summer 20197
Vaccaro, EddieSplitz CoEd Summer 20197
Cuccaro, Michael19 Wed USA Spring6
Bass, Cody19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles6
Barbatsis, BobbySplitz CoEd Summer 20196
Avilez, MayaYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20196
Fetik, JessicaYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20196
DeRosa, Anthony19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles6
DeGeorge, MikeSplitz CoEd Summer 20196
Deconcilio, SeanSplitz CoEd Summer 20196
Deconcilio, SalSplitz CoEd Summer 20196
Guarnieri, JosephYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20196
Liga, Alyssa19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles6
Lubrano, Angelia19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles6
Mastroianni, Anthony19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles6
Patino, Philip19 Wed USA Spring6
Piccolo, Robert19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles6
Riggio, SalSplitz CoEd Summer 20196
Rodriguez, Enrique19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles6
Wiener, DanSplitz CoEd Summer 20196
Labetti, Alexis19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Kohnenkamp, William19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Koppie, FrankYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20195
Lababneh, Zachary19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Iandolo, Immelia19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Hannah, Naomi19 Have A Ball Spring5
Hermogenes, Kirk19 Wed USA Spring5
Fetik, Stephanie19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Fetik, Jessica19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Dahling, Robert19 Wed USA Spring5
Bonagura, JosephSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/85
Colt, GabrielleSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/85
Courtney, William19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Littman, Lucas19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Lombardi, Kiara19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Martin, Anaya19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
McGinley, Zachary19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Pasquale, Steven19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Perez, Brittany19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Scozzari, AndrewSplitz CoEd Summer 20195
Segalini, ChrisSplitz CoEd Summer 20195
Souffrin, StevenYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20195
Vasquenz, Jeremy19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles5
Courtney, WilliamYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20194
Courtney, KennethYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20194
Allone, Lorenzo19 Have A Ball Spring4
Cusumano, JoeSplitz CoEd Summer 20194
Frustaci, BrunoSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/84
Gavula, JamesSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/84
Hermogenes, KirkSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/84
Herrera-Moran, RodrigoSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/84
Kosinski, Jax19 Have A Ball Spring4
Lapinski, MaxSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/84
LaBarbera, JosephYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20194
Iandolo, Leo19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles4
Lubrano, AngeliaYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20194
Lynch, JamesSplitz CoEd Summer 20194
Nadal, JosephYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20194
Palmeri, NicholasYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20194
Pepe, RobertYouth Sport Challenge Spring 20194
Perez, Brianna19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles4
Seror, LorenzoSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/84
Sidman, Tyler19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles4
Squarciafico, MarcelloSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/84
Tamburri, Gabriel19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles4
Walsh, EmilySpring2019 CYO Bowling 3/4/54
Wiener, NickSplitz CoEd Summer 20194
LaBarbera, Joseph19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles3
LeFurge, LukeSpring2019 CYO Bowling 6/7/83
Khial-Jan, Maya19 Have A Ball Spring3
Kasidonis, PhilipSpring2019 CYO Bowling K/1/23
Hermogenes, Liam19 Wed USA Spring3
Grant, Jacquelyn19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles3
Gavula, StephenSpring2019 CYO Bowling K/1/23
Gavula, MichaelSpring2019 CYO Bowling 3/4/53
Denizer, Su19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles3
Anastasi, Aidan19 Rab's Jr Scholarship Doubles3
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