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Professor Bowl - West
rodney parham rd
Little RockAR 72207

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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Team 1 Xtreme Imaging
1O'Rourke, KevinM38152657177228575
2Stauber, JesseM59121850154180485
3Stauber, MartyM49142313165208544
4Harris, MichaelM38152664177232575
Team 2: Team 2 Bb's Bombers
1Friend, HaileyW102151593106141338
2Friend, RonM66152196146179476
3Friend, TerryM35152720181235587
4Atherton, StephenM31152781185268616
Team 3: Team 3-3R1l
1Ricks, TheartisM4691516168222569
2Johnson, SharronW6491336148182500
3Dush, MartiW6591327147179469
4Dush, DwayneM3591637181217566
Team 4: Team 4 Outlaws
1Gatlin, JacbM996731110172425
2Bland, DoyleM56152359157190518
3King, WallyM44152575171221550
4Yarberry 11., SteveM46152533168236595
5Allen, StephanieW833382127155382
Team 5: Team 5 Hammers
1Weston, JamesM94111271115160390
2Salley, BryanM62152266151214552
3Salley, TreyM63152256150215505
4Baham, RaymondM46152529168228591
Team 6: Team 6 Direct Claims
1Washburn, JimM63152251150190469
2Cullipher, DaveM66152200146189472
3Cullipher Jr.., StanM45152552170205580
4Cullipher Sr.., StanM38152660177233612
Team 7: Team 7
1White, MaryW6791312145192489
2Norwood, WadeM7091278142169494
3Givins, WilliamM7891198133175468
4Bozeman, MonicaW826769128192422
Team 8: Team 8 Lady& The Tramps
1Foster, CharlesM1991784198256668
2Parker, JamesM5491444160191518
3Bozeman, KevinM5791411156204488
4Williams, MarilynW5991389154183508
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