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rodney parham rd
Little RockAR 72207
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Bowls On: Tuesdays
Start Date: 08/13/2019
Start Time: 6:30 PM
Last Updated: 1/15/2020
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Below are all of the teams and the bowlers on the teams. Click on a bowler name to view that bowlers details.

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Team 1: Team 1 Xtreme Imaging
1O'Rourke, KevinM32519403184255643
2Stauber, JesseM57457063156218547
3Stauber, MartyM33509151183234660
4Harris, MichaelM45478025170232656
Team 2: Team 2 Bb's Bombers
1Friend, HaileyW99485318110156389
2Friend, RonM62487260151231562
3Friend, TerryM34488770182247662
4Atherton, StephenM22519966195290643
Team 3: Team 3-3R1l
1Ricks, TheartisM41457859174256583
2Johnson, SharronW70456415142182517
3Dush, MartiW61456840152212542
4Dush, DwayneM29427856187248621
Team 4: Team 4 Outlaws
1Allen, StephanieW81364662129165445
2Bland, DoyleM58446854155200546
3King, WallyM36519148179243595
4Yarberry 11., SteveM31488900185278672
5Gatlin, JacbM9191068118172425
Team 5: Team 5 Hammers
1Weston, JamesM90303603120177444
2Salley, BryanM59517879154264589
3Salley, TreyM48518497166277610
4Baham, RaymondM50518377164228591
Team 6: Team 6 Direct Claims
1Washburn, JimM65426211147191519
2Cullipher, DaveM57517992156201554
3Cullipher Jr.., StanM34488780182245633
4Cullipher Sr.., StanM22489378195259697
5Vaughn, StephenM3591630181248559
Team 7: Team 7 Give Me Love
1Bozeman, MonicaW73395392138192480
2White, MaryW64395801148201526
3Givins, WilliamM71365090141197501
4Norwood, WadeM59446792154194543
Team 8: Team 8 Lady& The Tramps
1Parker, JamesM36458091179237599
2Williams, MarilynW61426388152192541
3Bozeman, KevinM41427342174226616
4Foster, CharlesM18459027200256668