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CenterID: 2665
Pla Mor Lanes
2505 Davie Ave
StatesvilleNC 28677-9249

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Below are the bowlers who have accomplished certain achievements for this center. Click on a Bowler Name to view the details for that Bowler, or click on the League Name to view the details for that League. Click here for information on our Bowler Achievments program.

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Bowler NameLeague NameTotal Achievements
Edgerton, TiaTuesday Rollers - Summer14
Cammarata, MarcTuesday Rollers - Summer13
White, RickSummer Seniors 20229
McCann, DanTuesday Rollers - Summer9
Armstrong, JohnTuesday Rollers - Summer8
Rickert, JimmyTuesday Rollers - Summer7
Morgan, DarrellTuesday Rollers - Summer7
Sells, BoTuesday Rollers - Summer7
Valentine, MikeTuesday Rollers - Summer7
Bell, RexSummer Seniors 20227
Coley, MaggieTuesday Rollers - Summer7
DeSantis, FeliciaTuesday Rollers - Summer7
Edgerton, KiaTuesday Rollers - Summer7
Icenhour, EastonTuesday Rollers - Summer7
Icenhour, BryanTuesday Rollers - Summer7
Henderson, GailSummer Seniors 20226
Henderson, DannyTuesday Rollers - Summer6
Lytton, DanaTuesday Rollers - Summer6
Knapp, RichardSummer Seniors 20226
Icenhour, TylerTuesday Rollers - Summer6
Fitzgerald, CharlesSummer Seniors 20226
Bell, JudySummer Seniors 20226
Valentine, MikeSummer Seniors 20226
Tucker, HaroldSummer Seniors 20226
Miller, AngieTuesday Rollers - Summer6
Williams, JeffTuesday Rollers - Summer5
Morgan, ScottTuesday Rollers - Summer5
Jeffrey, DanSummer Seniors 20225
Bell, VonSummer Seniors 20225
Clinger, JRTuesday Rollers - Summer5
Carman, JanetSummer Seniors 20225
Carman, BobSummer Seniors 20225
Dipple, MarkSummer Seniors 20225
Harmon, CarolynSummer Seniors 20225
Haithcox, DavidTuesday Rollers - Summer5
Harmon, ChesterSummer Seniors 20224
Fox, MargaretSummer Seniors 20224
Hinson, OdellSummer Seniors 20224
Blanton, FranSummer Seniors 20224
Estes, ChadTuesday Rollers - Summer4
Dobbins, RichieTuesday Rollers - Summer4
Metsch, FaithTuesday Rollers - Summer4
Renegar, JoyceSummer Seniors 20224
Romanelli, RichTuesday Rollers - Summer4
Rogers, SueSummer Seniors 20224
Whitaker, RobertTuesday Rollers - Summer3
Stevenson, GreggSummer Seniors 20223
Sharpe, KevinTuesday Rollers - Summer3
Dagenhart, JeanSummer Seniors 20223
Huffman, RichardSummer Seniors 20223
Hill, SteveSummer Seniors 20222
Mayhorn, BrianSummer Seniors 20222
Jenkins, RonSummer Seniors 20222
Tucker, DianeSummer Seniors 20222
Plott, BrianTuesday Rollers - Summer2
Miller, AngelaSummer Seniors 20222
McCann, TonyaTuesday Rollers - Summer2
Zweigle, RodneyTuesday Rollers - Summer2
Whitaker, TannisTuesday Rollers - Summer2
Valentine, TamaraSummer Seniors 20221
Metsch, AngelTuesday Rollers - Summer1
Jeffrey, RoniSummer Seniors 20221
Cloer, ShirleySummer Seniors 20221